11 Reasons Why Every Couple Should Go Through A Sex Dry Spell


Relationships are full of ups and downs, and I think even the worst moments are needed for balance. It can't just be all sunshine and roses, right? Between the fights, picking on each other, and silent treatments, you learn how to problem solve and you learn how to be better for each other. But I'll even go so far as to say that the fights aren't enough, and that there are reasons why every couple should go through a sex dry spell.

I know. Sex dry spells are the worst. But is it because of the lack of sex or because of what's causing the dry spell? It's easy to slip into a comfortable routine with your partner and forget about sex, but I'm not so sure that it can always be blamed on wearing sweatpants after a long day instead of lingerie. Sometimes the stress of life, children, work, and obligations can make sex seem like the least important thing in the world. But when you're in a sex dry spell, both you and your partner most likely notice and are willing to fix the issue. And in that moment? You're fixing a bunch of other problems you didn't even know you had. So for you, your partner, and your relationship, here are 11 reasons why every couple should go through a sex dry spell.

1It Encourages Making Time For Each Other


There's nothing like a dry spell to make you realize that you and your partner need to work hard at making time for each other. Whether it's scheduling date nights or taking a weekend trip together, a dry spell puts your relationship back on your priority list.

2It Causes You To Look Deeper At Your Relationship


Are there other problems causing the dry spell? Are you just busy or have the two of you lost your way together?

3It Shows You How Important Sex Is To You & Your Partner


Some couples don't even notice much of a dry spell. For others, it's a constant countdown in your head of the last time you had sex. A dry spell brings to light how important sex is to you and your partner and if it's a priority or something you simply do because you "have" to.

4It Makes Sex In The Future Even Better


Nothing like a dry spell to make you go wild and crazy on each other the minute you can.

5It Brings You Closer Together In Other Intimate Ways


Even if you're suffering from a dry spell, you may still find intimacy in cuddling your SO, kissing them, or speaking each other's love language. Intimacy can be found in so many ways and a dry spell forces you to search.

6It Leads You To Focus On What You Want In The Bedroom


As your dry spell continues, you may find yourself thinking about what you want as soon as you and your partner get it on again. It can give you the confidence to ask for more of what you want in the bedroom and help you realize what you didn't like.

7It Takes The Pressure Off Sex


Once you've been through a dry spell, sex tends to lose its pressure on your relationship. Instead, now you'll want to have sex because you want it, not because you feel like it's a necessity for being happy.

8Because It Helps You Figure Out Your Stressors


When couples have a dry spell, it's often because of stressors in life. Whether it's a new baby, a heavy work load, family issues, or just general life/work balance stress, a dry spell can make you realize what it is that causes you so much anguish and hard times.

9It Reminds You To Find The Romance


A dry spell will encourage you to break out the lingerie, to touch your partner more, and to skip Netflix so you can get straight to the chill part. Basically, it reminds you of those early dating days so you can mimic them again.

10It Leads You To Examine Your Own Self-Confidence


Does a dry spell make you feel unattractive? Do you start to panic that the dry spell is because your partner isn't into you anymore or is having an affair? Whatever self-confidence issues you might have, a dry spell can bring them all out, forcing you to look at them. So do just that and figure out how to be the best version of yourself.

11It Can Helo Determine Why Sex May Stop In The Future


Was it because of general stress in life? Did you two have a massive argument that started it? Is your partner not interested in sex? Are you just too tired to even think about it? You may have future dry spells and knowing what caused this one, and the solution for it, can help you if sex ever stops again.