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Here's What To Do With All Those Frozen Meatballs Stashed Behind The Ice Cream

What weeknight dinner staples do you keep in the kitchen? Most families usually have some pasta in the pantry, ground beef in the freezer, and so on. But if you love easy, hearty meals, these recipes to make with frozen meatballs will help you get dinner on the table and clear out the recesses of your freezer.

When you think of meatballs, you probably envision them on top of a heap of steamy pasta and marinara sauce, which isn't a bad vision at all, but it's not the only way to enjoy them. Not only are they delicious in sandwiches, soups, and healthy grain and veggie bowls, but they can make excellent appetizers and pair with just about any flavor profile you want them to. They're also delicious at dinner, and they reheat well in leftover lunches, so they're a meal prepper's best friend.

Whether you make a homemade batch and freeze them for later or buy your favorite brand at the store, frozen meatballs can really come in clutch when you're out of ideas for dinner. When you're searching for recipes, don't be afraid to browse the ones that call for homemade meatballs, too. You can always brown your frozen ones in the skillet, season as needed to complement the dish you're making, and toss them in. No one will ever know the difference.


Meatball Pasta Bake

What's like spaghetti and meatballs but a little less predictable? This pasta bake from Table for Two incorporates savory meatballs with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Once you're tried it all melted together in the oven, you may never go back to spaghetti and meatballs again.


Mini Italian Meatball Subs

If meatball subs are life but you can never quite finish a whole one, these miniatures from Damn Delicious are perfect for portion control (or feeding littles). Just brown up your favorite frozen meatballs and take the recipe from there to surprise your family with a new weeknight favorite.


Soba Noodles With Sriracha Meatballs

Meatballs don't just belong in Italian dishes. If you're craving something a little spicy with some classic Asian flavors, these Sriracha meatballs are going to be your jam. Set them atop rice and greens, or soba noodles and other goodies a la this recipe from Foodie Crush.


Best Meatball Pizza

Bored with your usual weekly rotation of dinners? Grab the fam and some pita bread or pizza dough to make these homemade pizza pies from Cooking for Keeps. If you like yours with meatballs on top, prep the frozen ones on the stovetop, then slice and place on your pie.


Coconut Curry Meatballs

This recipe from Cooking for Keeps is described as toddler, baby, and husband-approved, so it sounds like a slam dunk. A few of these yummy looking curry meatballs on top of some rice or noodles is definitely something to look forward to at the end of the day. And the next day, because #leftoverlife is real.


Spaghetti & Meatball Soup

This recipe from Damn Delicious gives you classic Italian flavors in a new, extra cozy format. Serve up this soup with some fresh bread or garlic knots on the side and you've got a winner, winner, meatball dinner.


Greek Meatball Farro Bowls With Easy Tahini Sauce

Making these bowls from Cooking for Keeps is super simple. Heat those frozen meatballs per the instructions on the bag. Slice and dice some tomatoes and cucumbers, and prep some farro, rice, or quinoa on the stove. Top it all with feta and tahini and you've got a nutritious dinner that delivers on all the food groups and all the flavors.


Honey Sriracha Barbecue Meatballs

Ever opened the fridge and realized you thawed... absolutely nothing for dinner? If you've got frozen meatballs and some veggies and grains lying around, toss those bad boys into some barbecue sauce (or make a special one so they taste extra delish). Serve it all up and it's almost like you planned to eat this tonight from Inside BruCrew Life.


Cauliflower Gnocchi & Meatballs

If you're digging through your freezer for dinner ideas, this recipe from Table for Two harnesses the power of frozen meatballs and cauliflower gnocchi. Grab a jar of marinara from the pantry and you're golden. You can also add extra herbs and spices, like red pepper flakes, to customize it however you like.


Easy Tropical Meatball Crescent Cups

If you're looking for a filling savory-yet-sweet appetizer for your next get-together, these tropical meatball bites from Inside BruCrew Life should do the trick. You get some saucy sweetness from the meatballs, flaky goodness from the crescent roll crust, and an extra burst of flavor from the pineapple topper.


Cheesy Garlic Bread & Meatball Rolls

Pull-apart. Cheesy. Garlicky. Saucy. Meatball rolls. What else do you need to know? These little slider-style rolls from Cooking for Keeps would make a delicious dinner or the perfect party food to set out and let guests grab a few. Whatever you make them for, expect them to disappear quickly.