11 Sentences That Always Start A Fight, So Just Avoid Saying Them

Unless you're constantly walking on eggshells around someone, it's pretty easy to avoid a fight. You know better than to tell your partner that your ex was the love of your life and you're smart enough to not tell your SO that those jeans make her look like your mother. But there are some sentences that always start a fight, even if you're just making conversation.

That's the really tricky part, honestly. Sometimes you really don't mean for your words to sound incriminating or mean. They slip out, these sentences, and next thing you know, the person you were talking to is all fired up. What gives? Before you call them sensitive or a baby, think to what you said. Some of these sentences seem to have hidden meanings. They can belittle people, even if you didn't mean it that way, and can make someone lose confidence in themselves. Chances are, they realize you weren't trying to start an argument, but their feelings are hurt and now they're ready to lash out. Avoid these 11 sentences at all costs, and you may just make your whole life non-confrontational. (Lies. You're going to fight with people and, sometimes, those fights are totally warranted and justified.)


"I Thought You Were Going To Work Out."

Yeah, well, the couch is really comfy and I have one episode of Making a Murderer left to watch, OK?


"Stop Acting Crazy."

In most cases, this sentence is muttered when you're not acting crazy at all, making them total fighting words. Your partner is trying to explain to you how they feel, and you throw this one in their face. Or they're trying to have a good time and you mutter this one. Put on your gloves, 'cause that was totally demeaning.


"I Don't Have Time For This."

Time to argue? Time to patch things up? Time for your responsibilities? No matter the reason, this is the wrong thing to say. It quickly starts an argument on what's important to you and how you view other people's worth.


"I Have A Real Job."

Someone threw this out at me recently and my head did some Linda Blair spins before I turned into Carrie and used telekinesis to ruin everything around them. Whether you're stating this to a stay-at-home parent, someone who works at home, or someone who works in a job you've deemed beneath you, you're basically starting a fight.


"You Brought This On Yourself."

Oh boy. People love to say this in any situation so they can take the potential heat off of them, and so they can make you feel about two feet tall.


"You Always Do This."

When you say this to someone, you're implying that they never change, that they constantly make the same mistakes, and that you're keeping score in your head. Even if you're saying it about something positive, like flowers on your birthday, it can sound like you're bored and over the gesture.


"I Don't Know How You Function."

I've had this said to me so many times that I've lost count, but I do know it's always started a huge fight. Just because I lose my keys on a semi-daily basis or never put my debit card back in my wallet doesn't mean I'm some kind of pea-brain sized neanderthal knocking into walls and grunting. I function just fine, thank you. Some people can be scatter-brained, but offering this sentence up to someone who's having a bad day just makes you look like a jerk.


"I Always Have To Babysit."

This one's more for the people who utter this when talking about their own children. You're not babysitting, you're being a parent. Welcome to it!


"My Friend's Partner Doesn't Act Like This."

You're telling your partner they're wrong, you're comparing them to someone else, and you're letting your partner know that this has crossed your mind before. Huge way to start a fight, and it's not going to be a pretty one either.


"I Have To Do Everything."

Do you? Or does it just feel like you do everything? When you throw this out there, even half-heartedly, you're letting someone know that you don't appreciate, or notice, anything they do.


"I'm Voting For Donald Trump."

Yeah, this may cause the biggest argument ever. Avoid this one at all costs, OK?

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