11 Sex After Baby Memes All New Parents Understand

You've heard that having a baby changes everything. But this may go doubly so for your sex life — at least during those early postpartum weeks. Although this major life change may leave you feeling overwhelmed, sometimes the best thing you can do is laugh. And that's where the clever, and all to real sex after baby memes come into play.

Although there are a lot of myths about sex after children, the situation is probably not as dire as you might fear. In time your body will heal. You and your partner will adapt to your new normal. The baby will, eventually, sleep through the night. But for those first few weeks (or months?) your sex life will probably be very different from your pre-baby days, but it can still be awesome.

With that in mind, minor fiascos are bound to happen. The baby will cry the second you two try to get intimate. Or you may accidentally fall asleep mid-coitus, because you're too exhausted to manage anything else. It's OK: at some point you'll look back on this time and laugh. In the meantime, though, here are some memes to help you through this wild stage of life.


New Normal

You still find your SO attractive, even after you've both been covered in baby barf on the regular.


Seizing The Moment

Because this is not the time for subtlety.


Foregoing Romance

Sometimes you have to skip the preambles and just get down to business.


True Love

Maintaining romance during the whirlwind of parenting can be tough, but you somehow still manage to appreciate your partner.


Sexy Space

A bed covered in rose petals? How about a bed that isn't draped in 27 burp cloths?


Romance Redefined

Getting into a sensual headspace can be more difficult than ever.


Tense Moment

Because sometimes you need that baby to sleep for just five more minutes so you and your partner can be adults real quick.



Sometimes you are just too tired.


The Waiting

If it weirds you out to have sex with a sleeping baby in the room, you probably can't wait to put your little one down for the night.



It may feel weird to accept your breasts as both baby feeders and erogenous zones, but you get used to the idea in time.



When the baby interrupts your attempt at romance for the hundredth time, all you and your SO can do is laugh.