11 Shaming Things People Say To Celebrity Moms That Hurt Us All

Celebrities — they're just like you. Especially the mom celebrities, right? Sure, they may have a night nurse or take their kids to vacations on private jets, but they are not immune to the ultimate battle — the mommy war. Celebrities get shamed pretty often for things you may not understand, but there are shaming things people say to celebrity moms that hurt all moms.

Being a celebrity pretty much requires you to have a thick skin, but that doesn't mean damage can't be done by mom-shaming. Despite their glittering gowns and million dollar bank accounts, celebrity moms are doing the best they can, just like you and me. But when mom-shamers jump on their every move, not only does it cut down the confidence of the celebrities, but it can hurt you, too.

According to ABC News, celebrity mom-shaming can actually do quite a bit of damage to all mothers. By guilting moms for every move they make, whether it's breastfeeding in public or going to dinner without their baby, experts think it can be harmful to the mental health of a mom. The constant guilt and worry (both of which they are already feeling) makes it impossible to enforce any self-care routine and many mothers suffer because of it.

Any type of mom guilt is unnecessary, but these 11 shaming things people say to celebrity moms can hurt you and your mom squad, too. Motherhood is a journey and d*mn it, everyone is in this together. (Especially you, Chrissy Teigen. You're my mom squad.)


"Good Mothers Stay Home With Their Babies."

It's bad enough to hear that people expect you to be with your baby and fully engaged 24/7 (Working moms, can I get an amen?), but apparently you can't even go to dinner without taking your precious bundle. Ten days after giving birth to her daughter, Chrissy Teigen went to dinner with her husband and, according to The Huffington Post, the internet lost its mind. People accused Teigen of trying to get attention, of letting another person raise her baby, and sent lots of passive-aggressive comments and tweets like, "I just wanted to stare at my baby after I had her." Not only was it terrible because, um, hello, mothers are allowed to eat without their children, but no one seemed to be angry that Tiegen's husband, John Legend, was also enjoying a night without the baby. A double whammy of sexism and mom-shaming all rolled into one.


"You Need To Lose The Baby Weight."

Bodies change after pregnancy. This isn't new, but people seem to expect everyone to look like a supermodel after giving birth, no matter what type of pregnancy you had or how you looked. According to People, Jennifer Garner had to stand up for herself about the "baby bump" she will have forever thanks to three pregnancies and Kelly Clarkson is constantly defending herself to body-shamers after her pregnancies noted Daily Mail. This kind of scrutiny is hard on all moms and makes many strive for a standard that shouldn't even be there. Who wants to worry about a so-called "bikini body" when they're trying to keep a child fed using nothing but their breasts?


"Why Aren't You Breastfeeding?"

Every mom knows this story and it is the worst. All anyone should care about is if a baby is fed, but as supermodel Coco Rocha found out, that's not enough for some mommies. According to Cosmopolitan, an adorable picture of Rocha's daughter drinking from a bottle, along with a text asking a concierge to pick up formula, sparked outrage. I mean, seriously. This celebrity mom-shaming is one that hits close to home for a lot of mothers and it just makes it harder to fight the stigma against bottles and formula.


"That Baby Name Is Ridiculous."

Celebrities are known for choosing some unique names — North, Blue Ivy, and Apple, to name a few — but that doesn't give anybody the right to shame a parent's baby name choice. The New York Times noted that some believe celebs choose wildly weird names for attention while others believe it's a chance for them to unleash their creativity. Regardless of the reason, it's not OK to shame a baby's name just because you think it's weird. Then where's the line? My daughter's name is Alice, which is a normal, old-fashioned name. But I was told I was giving her an "old lady" moniker and that she would be made fun of in class because it wasn't 1935. Baby names are a personal choice and for parents, it feels right.


"Nobody Wants To See You Breastfeeding."

Nope, even celebrities get shamed for breastfeeding in public. According to People, Alyssa Milano and Wendy Williams disagreed on the act of breastfeeding in public with Milano advocating for it while Williams said she "didn't need to see that." As much as people try to normalize it, including celebrities, when you hear a high profile argument against it, it's hard to stand up for yourself and your baby when you're shamed for breastfeeding in public.


"Why Don't You Just Make Your Own Baby Food?"

Now you can't even buy baby food now without the sanctimommies running wild. Us Weekly noted that country singer Jana Kramer was shamed after posting an Instagram picture of jars of baby food. Because, apparently, if you actually cared about your baby, you would grow your own vegetables, make your own baby food, and feed your child with items made from love, not the grocery store. More pressure on moms, more fear-mongering, and more guilt trips for the mother that's just too d*mn exhausted to make her own baby food.


"I Could Never Let Someone Else Raise My Child."

Whether it's daycare or a babysitter, there always seems to be one person arguing that you don't care about your kids if you're "letting someone else raise them", never mind the fact that the parents actually have to work or make obligations. According to Parents, so many celebrities were shamed for having nannies that they began hiring family members to watch the kids instead. Celeb


"Don't You Miss Your Baby?"

Look at almost any celeb mom's social media account and if there is a picture of them enjoying a night out or at a social gathering, there is at least one comment asking them where their kids are. Because I guess mothers can never leave their children? The passive-aggressive comments like, "I could never be without my kids, I'd miss them so much" do nothing but add guilt upon guilt to the mom who's just trying to practice some self-care with a shopping trip alone or a night out with friends.


"Mothers Can't Be Sexy."

Body shaming doesn't just mean telling someone they need to lose weight — it can go the other direction with people insisting that celebrity moms are too sexy and inappropriate. Yeah. Let that sink in. A New York Post article last year called out celebrity moms for wearing clothes that were too revealing and sexy and insisted that all celeb moms need to start covering up. I guess you can't be proud of your body when you have a kid nor can you flaunt it, but you also can't wear sweatpants because ew gross, get your life together.


"Your Kids Look Like They Aren't Well Taken Care Of."

Everyone's a parenting expert and that is seriously detrimental to society and the well-being of mothers. According to Glamour, when Kristin Cavallari posted a picture of her boys on Instagram, the comments went nuts with people claiming that Cavallari's children were malnourished, starved, and too small for their age. But hey, you can't let those kids eat what they want either. Then you're just making them destined for obesity, right? Give me a break.


"Kissing Your Kids On The Lips Is Inappropriate."

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Victoria Beckham posted an adorable picture of a kiss being shared between her and her daughter, Harper, and the world exploded. The Huffington Post noted that people argued it was too intimate of a moment to share, that it was inappropriate, that the kiss looked too passionate, and that it made them uncomfortable. You had no idea this was an issue, right? Because now the thought of kissing my daughter on the lips and having some weirdo in public think it's wrong or inappropriate makes me so angry.