11 Short Baby Names For People Who Like To Keep It Simple & Sweet
by Olivia Youngs

There are a host of reasons for choosing a short name for your child. Maybe you have a last name that takes 30 seconds to pronounce and you want to give your child a mental break, or maybe you just like the punch that short names pack. Whatever your reasons for choosing a short and sweet baby name, you want one that can stand on it's own, regardless of it's length, or lack thereof.

Despite the stigmas surrounding short names, like that they're merely nicknames for the "real name" or are too cute without enough depth, there are those who beg to differ. These 11 short and sweet baby names prove that bigger (or, longer, in this case) isn’t always better. They are all under two syllables, but each of them has either a unique meaning or history allowing them to stand on their own just fine. (Not to mention being downright beautiful.) No kid wants to feel like their name is just the shortened version of a longer name, but with these names, that won't be an issue. Though some of them are alternates to longer names, they all have enough gusto on their own ensuring that they won't be lacking a single thing, or syllable, for that matter.



A great name for girls, Ella means all or completely and is a great choice if you're looking for something cute but short.



A traditional name with Biblical roots, this name Eli means ascended or uplifted. It's a short name but it packs a powerful punch.



This name is a unique twist on the more common Eve, meaning life. It would be a great choice for parents looking for something catchy yet meaningful.



This name is a short, slightly mysterious rendition of the longer Greyson. It would make a great choice for parents looking for a gender neutral name.



Sometimes used as a middle name, this shortened version of Rachel, is a sweet name with a sunny disposition that can't get much shorter.



Though this name is traditionally a boys' name, it's gaining popularity among girls. Meaning greatest, it's a short name with a strong message.



If you're looking for an alternative to longer, traditional names, this version of Elizabeth, which means pledged to God, might be for you.



This unique name with a powerful meaning — soldier, merciful — would give your child the perfect moniker to live up to.



Gorgeous and slightly exotic, Zara means princess or blossom and is just as unique as it is short.



Though Zachary is slightly over used and long, the shorter version delivers the same message and less of a mouthful.



A quirky, sweet name meaning vigor or liveliness, this name offers an alternative to Brianna or Brittany.

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