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These 30 One Syllable Girl Names Are Simply Beautiful

Perfectly lovely without all those extra letters.

When you’re thinking of a baby girl’s name, what comes to mind? Something succinct and monosyllabic? Or perhaps a name that’s flowing, and flowery? When it comes to naming your child, you might want to consider one syllable baby girl names. Because when it’s the perfect name, who needs all those extra letters?

Sure, a long and luxurious name might seem like a good idea at the onset, but when you have to say said name over (and over) again, you might wish you had opted for something shorter on their birth certificate. Because even though a long name can be lovely, it can sure be a mouthful. So if you’re thinking of a first or a middle name for your baby, short and sweet (just like your little lady) might be the way to go.

But once you’re sold on the monosyllabic moniker, you might come up empty-handed on names that only have one syllable. Don’t worry, because here are 30 1-syllable girl names that say it all.



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Your baby won’t be a plain Jane with this name. From the Hebrew meaning “God is gracious,” Jane is a name that never goes out of style. You can make it more modern by adding a Y to it, making it Jayne.



Claire is a girl’s name of French origin. It means “enlightened” or “bright, clear,” which is how you might feel about life now that your new baby girl is in the world.



If you’re expecting a winter baby, you might want to consider the name Neve. Why? Well, it means “snow,” and is of Irish and Latin origin. It’s pronounced “Nev” like the first part of the word “never”.



Looking for a name that is more natural in origin? Try Brooke, which means, well, a brook. It’s of English origin, and it symbolizes a small stream.



Dawn is an ideal name for a newborn who doesn’t know her days from her nights yet. It’s an Old English name that means “the first appearance of light” or “daybreak”. Dawn is definitely shorter than Sunrise, and while it’s still a modern name, it dates back to, you know, the dawn of times.



Of Hebrew origin, Anne is a girl’s name that means “He (God) has favored me.” It can also be spelled Ann as well, and is a variation of the name Hannah, too.



Jules is a gender-neutral name that can be ideal for both boys and girls. It means “youthful” as well as “soft, downy,” and is of French and Latin origin. It’s becoming more popular in the U.S., but it’s still quite current in France, where it originates.



Another gender-neutral name, Blaire is of Scottish and Gaelic origins. It means “plain” or “field,” and can be a good name for nature-loving parents.



You kept the faith, and now your little girl is here. That’s why the name Faith is so fitting. It’s a little girl’s name of English origin, and while it’s not overtly religious, it can be a sign of yes, your faith.



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Your baby-to-be fills you with joy. So Joy makes sense for the little one who fills you with happiness. The name Joy means (you guessed it) joy, and is of Old French and Latin origin. It originally was designated as a name that meant “being joyful in the Lord,” but it can also symbolize your happiness at being parents, too.



It’s only three letters, but Liv is a solid name for your baby girl. While it can be a nickname for longer names like Olivia, Liv is actually a Scandinavian name that means “life.”



You turned the page when you became pregnant. So for this new chapter in your life, Paige is the perfect name. It’s a gender-neutral name (it was originally designated to represent a male servant in medieval times), but once the “I” was added, it became a gorgeous girl’s name.



The origin of Pearl is pretty much what you might imagine. It’s a girl’s name of Latin origin which means “pearl.” And when you think of it, names that come from gems and other precious stones are pretty popular names for baby girls (think Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, etc.).



Blake is a gender-neutral name that means either “black” or “pale, white.” It’s a reference to people who had either skin or hair color that was very, very light, or very, very dark. It’s of British origin, and is quickly becoming a popular baby name.



Gail is one of those old-fashioned baby names that somehow still stays current. It’s of Hebrew origin and means “father of exaltation.” And woot, it has a bunch of different spellings, such as Gaile, Gael, Gayle, or even Gale.



Although it can be a nickname (think Jillian or Juliana), Jill is a solid stand-alone name. It means “child of the gods” and is of Latin origin. You can always have fun with the spelling, and write it as Gill or Jyll.



Originating from the Old English as Roese and Rohese, Rose is a girl’s name of Latin origin. It means what you think it would, a rose or a flower. It is one of those flower names that have a lot of staying power, since Rose is still popular, both as a first or middle name.



A gender-neutral name, True was once a boy’s name of Old English origin. It means, yep, true, and was popularized by a particular Kardashian (in this case, Khloe), who used it as a first name for her baby daughter. That might explain the spike in baby girls being named True lately.



You’ll be singing songs of happiness when you name your baby Wren. It refers to the small brown songbird of the same name, and it’s of Old English origin. It’s a popular name for both boys and girls.



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You looked into your newborn baby girl’s beautiful eyes, and just felt that knowing. That’s what makes Sage such a smart choice, since it literally means “wise.”



Looking for a Biblical name that’s not too old-fashioned? Ruth is the right choice. It means “friend” and “companion,” and it’s of Hebrew origin, too. Of course, Ruth is a love warrior in the Bible, which might add extra meaning to your baby girl’s name.



No, we’re not talking about peanut butter cups here. But Reese is a cute name for your kiddo. It’s of Welsh origin and means “enthusiasm,” which is what you might feel for your baby’s name — and the candy, too.



Meaning “the fifth month,” May is a girl’s name. It comes from Sanskrit and the name Maia, a Roman earth goddess. And if you opt to name your baby May but don’t want it keep it non-calendar related, you can always switch the spelling to Mae.



Of Irish Gaelic origin, Sloan is a baby girl’s name that’s pretty powerful. It means “warrior” and can also be spelled Sloane, too.



Jade is a baby girl’s name that has skyrocketed in popularity as of late. It is of British origin, and it relates to the green gemstone of the same name. It’s a semi-precious stone, which makes sense since your little one is so precious to you, too.



A girl’s name of English origin, Hope means, well, hope. It’s of English origin, and it’s a fitting name if you held onto hope to be able to hold Hope in your arms — literally.



With the meaning of “pasture” and “meadow,” Leigh is a girl’s name of English origin. There are loads of spellings for Leigh, including Lee, Lei, Li, Lhea, or Ly — and all are pronounced the same way.



Maude is one of those old-fashioned names that is making a comeback. It has multiple origins (think Hebrew, German, and French) and means “woman from Magdala” or “mighty in battle.” It can also be spelled Maud, too.



Sure, it’s a natural-sounding name, but Skye is actually an older name. Coming from Scottish origins, it refers to the big ol’ blue. Skye can be spelled with or without the “e,” but it’s still a beautiful name regardless.



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If you’re a Golden Girls fan, there’s no better name than Blanche. Not only is it an ode to Blanche Devereaux of the hit TV series, but it’s also a baby girl’s name of French origin. It means “white,” which can make it a fun winter-baby name.

These one-syllable names are only short on letters, but not on style. So even if you opt for a one-syllable name, you can still give your daughter a name that they’ll love.