24 Baby Names With 4 Syllables, Because You've Got A Tempo In Mind

Choosing a baby name is serious business. Whether you know you want a name that starts with a certain letter or you want baby names with four syllables, it can be hard to find something you really love. (It's even harder if you have a partner who has to agree on it, too.) But there's a reason you have your requirements, and for some parents, it can mean everything when it comes to picking a baby name.

If you're really stuck on the four syllables, I get it. My married name is long, so I was trying to find names that weren't too much of a mouthful for our baby. I didn't mind so much about syllables, but the rhythm really mattered here. If you're looking for a baby name with four syllables, you probably feel the same way. You've got some kind of baby name tempo in your head, and you want to follow through. Luckily, four syllables doesn't necessarily mean the name's going to be long, hard to pronounce, or difficult to spell. There are tons out there and this list is just a sampling of some favorites.

Because of the four-syllable rule, you'll find a lot of Italian names and names that end in A, but you'll also find a good mix of classic and trendy, unique and traditional. So no matter what your style is, the four-syllable baby name is totally attainable.



Thanks to Kourtney Kardashian, the name Penelope has made a pretty popular comeback, but it's always a classic. According to Nameberry, the name's origin is Greek and it means "weaver."



A classic if there ever was one, Alexandra means "defending men," according to Nameberry and has a Greek origin. It's strong, it's beautiful, and honestly it's totally boss.



If you grew up in the '90s, this name probably conjures some major feels (and images of Keri Russell's curls), but Felicity is just a sweet name on its own, too. The moniker has a Latin origin and means "good fortune, happy," according to Nameberry. Seriously, how cute is that?



For a strong, sturdy boy name, there's Emilio, which is still fairly popular and has some lovely Italian origins, noted Baby Center. It apparently means "industrious," which is great if you're hoping your little one can creatively pave their own way in life. (They totally can.)



If you feel like you've heard this name a time or two, it's because you have — Olivia is mega popular right now and the love for the name doesn't seem to be letting up. According to the Social Security Administration, Olivia is the #2 most popular baby girl name, and Nameberry noted that the name means "olive tree." She probably won't be the only Olivia in her class, but at least she'll have those four syllables.



If you're looking for a boy name dripping in faith, you'll love Jeremiah. With a Hebrew origin, the name means "appointed by God" and definitely fits the bill if you're in the mood for something biblical.




Proof that all four-syllable names don't have to be long, Xavier is fun, trendy, and strong. The name is still pretty popular with Nameberry noting that it was #89 in 2017, but the meaning is "new house or bright" which really makes it special.



Full disclosure: I love this name. My husband isn't a fan, so therefore I bequeath to you and all who read this permission to use one of my favorites. Eleanora means "light, moon," according to Baby Center and has some sweet French origins. It's so classic, but pretty enough to be unique.




If you're a fan of travel-based names, Arizona's pretty terrific. It's unisex, and can be a tribute to the state you love, or simply a sweet four-syllable name that makes you swoon.



A pretty one that's still popular thanks to a well known actress, Evangeline is a Greek name that means "bearer of good news." Hello, what better good news that a beautiful baby girl?



Love Elizabeth, but want some flair? Try Isabella. The beautiful moniker is the Spanish and Italian variation of Elizabeth, according to Nameberry, and means "pledged to God."



For another semi-exotic, totally lovely name, try Leonardo for your little guy. It's the Spanish and Italian variation of Leonard, and it means "brave lion." Ugh, swoon, right?




Already know your girl has some flair and pizazz to her? Then gift her with the moniker Margarita. It's the Spanish variation of Margaret and means "pearl," which is just super classy and lovely.



Whether you're into nature or not, Amaryllis is pretty enough to stand alone from its flower counterpart. Plus, major bonus, the origin of the name is Greek and it literally means "to sparkle." You guys, how cute is that?




Another supreme classic, Henrietta has a bit of an old-fashioned feel to it, but is still just too cute. Also, if you wanted a name that says "don't mess with me," Nameberry noted that Henrietta literally means "estate ruler," which is pretty boss.



Ah, a true classic with plenty of charm, Elizabeth had to show up on this list. The name is always popular, and like its variations, it means "pledged to God." It also rocked at #13 on the baby names list in 2017, reported Nameberry.



For another biblical boy favorite, there's Zachariah, which means "the Lord has remembered," according to Nameberry. It's a bit more formal than Zachary, but what'd you expect for four syllables?



OK, this one's a mouthful on a little baby boy, but it's strong, steadfast, and pretty great. Nameberry noted that Thelonius is a name of Latin origin and it simply means "Lord."



Michael Pettigrew/Fotolia

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose this name for one of their daughters, and its sweetness has stuck around. Meaning "ardent, fiery," this name may not hit any super popular lists, but it sure packs a punch for your little girl.



It's regal, it's boss, and it's charming. Victoria has been a popular choice for years, and was #19 on the baby names list for 2017, according to Nameberry. But the name also means "victory," which guarantees a win, no matter how many Victorias there are in your kid's school.




I know this has a totally vintage feel, but Theodora is just the cutest, most charming name ever. According to Nameberry, it means "gift of God" and is, obviously, the female variation of Theodore.



Another biblical favorite, Emmanuel means "God is with us" and is originally a Hebrew name. I think it's utterly charming and has an undeniable sweetness about it.



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Sigh, Viviana gives me such a contented feeling. It's not mega popular and was only #411 on the baby names list in 2017, according to Nameberry, but it literally means "life." How perfect is that?



I firmly believe that you can name your child after a month, even if they weren't born in that month, like January. January is one of those sweet, unique names that packs a bit of a punch. It makes me think of winter and of snowflakes and of crisp, cool air, so if that kind of nature theme does it for you, consider this a four-syllable name in the running.




I'm sorry, how pretty is Rosabella? It has such flair and means "beautiful rose," which obviously makes perfect sense.