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11 Signs Harry Potter Should Have Been A Slytherin

It's been almost 20 years (WHAT) since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released, and I still have a major issue — I don't know which house I would have been sorted in. I know, as a huge Harry Potter fan, I should know, right? But I feel a little like Harry under the Sorting Hat — scared of what the answer would be. Because despite becoming a Gryffindor, there were some obvious signs Harry Potter should have been a Slytherin, and yo — that could be me.

OK, I know. Slytherins aren't all bad. In fact, the bravest man Harry knows is Severus Snape and he was once head of the house. But it's hard trying to figure out where you belong, even when you're a 27 year old mother and Hogwarts is fictional. I mean, does the house make the witch and wizard? Or is it the witch and wizard that makes the house? Where do the characteristics come from? How does the Sorting Hat really know your deepest traits?

There are so many characters in the Harry Potter series that seemed wrong for their perspective houses . . . at first. Remember when Neville was sorted into Gryffindor? Brave and courageous are not exactly words I would've used to describe him. But it was there, all along, and he proved it time and time again. Just like Harry proved with these 11 signs that he should have been sorted into Slytherin. (Whatever. You know it to be true.)


He Speaks Parseltongue

Um, hello. The serpent is the symbol of Slytherin and its founder, Salazar Slytherin, spoke to it. It's a super rare trait and the fact that it didn't give Harry a one-way ticket to Slytherin is beyond weird.


He's More Ambitious Than Courageous

I'm not saying Harry isn't brave, but when he's being particularly courageous, he always has a bunch of people backing him up. I think Harry gets his bravery from others, which is totally fine, and that he's more ambitious than anything. He has ambition to be great, to live up to his name, to defeat Voldemort, to avenge his parents — basically, a ton of stuff. And ambition is the major trait of the Slytherins.


He's Related To Lord Voldemort

Sure, it's a distant relation through the Peverell family, but it's there — Harry is somehow related to Lord Voldemort, the darkest of all Slytherins.


He Has A Lot To Prove

Some argue that because most Slytherins come from wealthy, influential wizarding families that they don't have anything to prove, but I disagree. I think Slytherins are constantly trying to prove something. Whether it's that they're the best or that they're worth of their house, the Slytherins are always trying to make themselves known and show what they're made of. And so is Harry.


He Has A Certain Disregard For The Rules

Dumbledore actually tells Harry that he has the qualities Salazar Slytherin looked for in a student in Chamber of Secrets, including a "certain disregard for the rules." If Dumbledore said it, it's obviously true.


He Is Cunning

Harry is very cunning an, despite the negative connotation of that word, it describes him perfectly. Is not deceitful to wear an invisibility cloak and eavesdrop, even if it gets you what you need? Does he not constantly achieve things by lying, manipulating others, and being devious?


He Was Already An Outsider

With no idea of what was going on in the wizarding world and still trying to figure out who he was, why wouldn't he go ahead and be in Slytherin to continue his life as an outsider? He was already facing so much prejudice and assumptions, that it makes sense to add him into the most hated house, too.


He's Got An Ego

And kind of a big one. I love Harry, but I'm usually super annoyed with his moments of "I'm the Chosen One" and his arguments of other people dying for him rather than for the cause. Classic Slytherin behavior.


He's Into Self-Preservation

And why wouldn't he be? He's being hunted by Lord Voldemort. I don't think he would ever safe himself at the hands of his friends, but not all Slytherins are evil. They can be into self-preservation without being a total tool.


The Sorting Hat Was Going To Put Him There

Come on. He was destined for Slytherin and the Sorting Hat saw it. It's only because Harry got all prejudice and begged for the Sorting Hat not to put him there that he ended up in Gryffindor.


His Eyes Would Match His Robes

Obviously the most important reason. No one would be able to rock those green and silver robes like Harry.