11 Signs He's Gonna Cheat So You Can Get Out Before The Heartbreak

One of the biggest fears about being in a relationship is the chance of being cheated on. Sure, there are a few things you can do to steer clear a partner who is more likely to cheat — you can be a good judge of character, or pick someone with a squeaky clean record. Ultimately though, there are no guarantees. Fortunately for you, if you're paying attention, there are a few tell tale signs he's going to cheat that you definitely shouldn't ignore.

Infidelity is the problem no one wants to face, but one that, unfortunately, is on the rise. A 2015 statistic estimates that an astounding 41 percent of married couples have cheated in some way or another (a stat that doesn't even take into account dating couples or those in long-term unmarried relationships.) Living in a society that gives such easy access to sites like Ashley Madison and allows people to guard their privacy like never before, it's not surprising to see these stats on the rise. No matter how you and your partner define cheating — flirty texts, watching porn, or a full on physical affair — it's easier than ever to cheat. And, since all it takes is a simple "delete text message" button, it's also easier than ever to hide it.

One of the best things you can do to safeguard yourself against an unfaithful partner is to know the signs of a cheater before he cheats. Besides saving you a lot of heartache in the long run, knowing these signs will allow you to face the issue head on and move the eff on.


He Lacks Self Control

If he drinks heavily or uses other substances to deal with his problems, steer clear. According to an article from Men's XP, alcohol significantly increases the chances of someone cheating. So if he often drinks without you, it's probably time to move on.


He Is Insecure

Men, just like women, need to feel desired. According to an Elite Daily piece by a man who has cheated himself, someone who is particularly insecure is more likely to cheat, even if his needs are met at home.


He Is Narcissistic

According to the Huffington Post, narcissists are classic cheaters. They're generally very likeable, which is probably what makes them attractive the first place. But in the end, they only care about themselves.


He Is Highly Secretive

Cheaters value their privacy— probably more than they value your relationship. If he brings his phone everywhere with him, changes the subject when the topics of money or where he spends his time come up, you may be dealing with a red flag.


He's Moody

An article from CNN notes that cheaters are often very unpredictable, looking for any excuse to leave or take their feelings out on you. If he gets angry easily or seems overly excited before going out, you're looking at a red flag.


Your Friends And Family Don't Like Him

Your family and friends know you better than anyone else. If someone you trust shares early on in the relationship that they think something's off with this guy, there is probably a reason.


He Belittles You

Cheaters will often turn every problem back on you calling you jealous, clingy or crazy. If he doesn't respect you in the first place, there's no reason he wouldn't cheat on you.


He Flirts With Everyone

There is a definite line between friendliness and flirtation. The Date Report lists constant complimenting of the opposite sex and incessant texting or messaging as a few warning signs that you're with a flirt.


He Disregards Your Plans

If he's consistently disregarding the plan you make together it's a sign that he doesn't value your company. Two words: move. on.


You've Caught Him Lying

Before he cheats, he will probably make a habit of lying to you about anything and everything— even things that seem inconsequential. If you can't trust him with the little things, you definitely can't trust him with the big things (like staying faithful to you.)


He Doesn't Remember What You Tell Him

If you're continually repeating yourself or having the same conversation over an over again, it's a sign he doesn't value what you have to say. He won't remember your birthday or other important dates and honestly, you deserve much better anyway.