11 Memes That Perfectly Capture The Hell Of Sleep Regression

Anyone who's raised a child knows that lack of sleep and parenting go hand in hand. And just when you think your baby is a master of bedtime, they go through a sleep regression that throws everything off again. And you're not alone, as evident by the memes about sleep regression that are out there. Luckily, according to these memes, a lot of coffee and a power nap or two can get you through the most exhausting nights and days with a baby who is boycotting sleep.

It's helpful to keep in mind that the sleepless nights do pass, and there are several ways to deal with sleep regression when you're in the midst of it. One of the best, however, is finding others who can relate and having a good, long, slaphappy laugh over it. Or maybe even a laugh that turns into sobbing, or snoring, from the exhaustion. Either way, sometimes you just have to accept that you're not going to get much sleep during a regression and turn to humor for relief.

To help get you through the throes of sleep regression and long nights, here are a few memes from other parents who just want to sleep more than 40 minutes at a time or perhaps don't even remember what it was like to feel rested in the first place.


Permanent Exhaustion


One Day They'll Understand ... Maybe


Jesus Take The Wheel


99 Problems & Sleep Is All Of Them


Coffee Or Alcohol?


Sleep? What's Sleep?


Pretty Much