11 St. Patrick's Day Birth Announcement Ideas For Your Lucky Wee One

If you're expecting a new baby around the middle of March, you might be tired of hearing, "Are you hoping for a St. Patrick's Day baby?" But no doubt you've secretly been giving that a lot of thought yourself, especially if you or your partner has a proud Irish background. Having a baby born on a holiday can be fun — plus, think of all the St. Patrick's Day birth announcement ideas you'll have to choose from when it's time to share the news with family and friends.

The feast day of Ireland's patron saint has been celebrated on this side of the pond since 1762, when the first St. Patrick's Day parade in America was held, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. Since then, we've been paying tribute to St. Patrick and to the Emerald Isle by wearing green or shamrock-themed clothes, sharing wishes for luck, eating corned beef, cabbage, Irish soda bread, and shepherd's pie, and, yes, hoisting a pint or two. Even if you can't claim actual Irish heritage, it's still fun to get into the spirit of the day.

Having a baby born on March 17 will certainly ensure that the holiday will forever be special for your family. (I have a St. Patrick's Day-born great-nephew, so you can be sure the date is circled on our calendar.) You can bring a smile to everyone's faces — and get bunches of lucky wishes — by sharing your announcement online or by snail mail with one of these designs.


Our Littlest Shamrock

Legend has it that St. Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock plant to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagans in Ireland, according to Living Shamrock. It's been customary to wear either the plant or shamrock-themed items since the 18th century. You could find shamrock clip art to add to your own homemade announcement ("Our little shamrock is here!"), or use a photo of your newborn wearing a shamrock onesie (like this Baby Carter's version sold at Kohl's and elsewhere).


Mommy And Daddy's Lucky Charm

The luck o' the Irish is with every parent who has a child born on St. Patrick's Day. Use this caption along with a photo of your child either wearing an outfit like this ($18, Etsy), or lying down in the middle of a circle of Lucky Charms cereal (it's magically delicious, don't you know).



Are you a fan of puns as well as a new parent? Then this one's for you. Your family or solo picture can go in the center of the announcement, with the heading, "O'Baby! Our newest addition is here." Then go on to add the basic details about height and weight.


Our Little Leprechaun

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You might not want to go with the full buckle-shoes and red-beard look, but around St. Paddy's Day, many dollar stores sell miniature leprechaun hats that are just perfect for perching on top of your newborn's head. Take the picture, then add text along the lines of: "Our little leprechaun has arrived! Born March 17..." and fill in the pertinent information.


Four-Leaf Clover Announcement

Since the time of the Druids, the rare four-leaved clover has been considered a lucky talisman, and said to be especially abundant in Ireland, according to Better Homes & Gardens. If your mid-March baby will be your second child, a perfect announcement would be a family portrait along with the caption: "We've added a fourth leaf to our family clover!"


Pot Of Gold

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Irish legend has it that all leprechauns have their own pot of gold, according to LiveScience. It's kept at the end of the rainbow, and the wee folk have ways of tricking humans out of stealing their wealth. Fortunately, you don't need to rely on trickery to use this theme when you want to let people know about your new addition. Pick up some decorative pieces of gold at the party store or dollar store, pile them up, and put your sleeping baby on top for a cute picture. Use it as the centerpiece of an announcement saying, "More precious than a pot of gold is a sweet little baby to hold!"



This old slang word can mean "high-spirited behavior" as well as "underhanded trick," according to Merriam-Webster. The origins of the word are uncertain, although it is similar to an Irish word for "I play tricks," so many people credit it as an Irish phrase. If you do too, and you prefer a dash of humor with your news, you could craft an announcement beginning, "Let the shenanigans begin!" and go on to add your child's name, birth date and other info.


Our Little Colleen/Lad

Depending on your baby's gender, a cute and simple variation for a St. Patrick's Day announcement is: "Introducing Our Little Colleen!" or "Introducing Our Little Irish Lad!" Add a photo of your little one, and use a green background for your card, and you've said it all.


Wee One

Another punny phrase for your Irish-to-the-core baby. A photo of your newborn in a onesie like this one ($18, Etsy) could refer either to their size or to all the diapers they'll be wetting in the months to come.


No Blarney

The famous Blarney Stone at Ireland's Blarney Castle is said to "bestow the gift of eloquence" to those who kiss it. The word blarney can also mean "skillful flattery" that's less than honest, per Merriam-Webster. So to spread the news about your St. Patrick's Day baby, you could say, "Sure and it's no blarney... our St. Patrick's Day treasure is here!"


Irish Blessing

Finally, for a poetic and beautiful way to celebrate your child, send a photo birth announcement that incorporates a traditional Irish baby blessing such as this one: "May strong arms hold you/Caring hearts tend you/And may love await you at every step." (Naturally, you'll want to use an Irish-style font for this announcement.)