11 Super Fun Kids Halloween Games For A Total Rager (JK)

Halloween just might be one of the most festive of all holidays. Beyond the costumes, decorations, and trick or treating, there so many ways to celebrate. While adults-only Halloween parties can be fun, kids' Halloween parties are often a little more tame. After all, how can your party compete with getting dressed up and asking strangers for candy? Luckily, given that this day is oh-so-festive, there are plenty of kid Halloween games to take your party to the next level and actually persuade the kids to set aside their mountains of candy and do something fun.

While bobbing for apples might be off the table at your house (it's pretty gross if you think about it), there are tons of other fun, creative options that'll get the kids in the Halloween spirit and make certain that your party is a hit. From dressing up like mummies, to creating a pumpkin golf course or Halloween treasure hunt, there are games that run the gamut from quick, easy, and hardly any effort at all to much more involved. No matter how much time, effort, and preparation you want to invest, there are plenty of Halloween games that you can incorporate into your party this year that'll delight kids and adults alike.


Mummy Wrap

This game is a classic and for good reason. It's fun, but relatively effortless. According to Shutterfly, all you need for Mummy Wrap are enough rolls of toilet paper or streamers so that a couple of kids can get good and mummified. Divide the kids into two groups and have them race to see which group can wrap their mummy up the fastest. Make it more difficult by tacking an obstacle course onto the end that each mummy has to complete while still all wrapped up.


Mystery Box

Mystery Box is another quick and easy yet fun Halloween game for kids. According to Parents, you'll need some hat boxes (that you can wrap in themed paper to decorate) and whatever creepy, mysterious items you want to put inside. Water beads, cooked spaghetti, gelatin, and ooey, gooey slime are all good choices.


Frankenstein Bowling

If you're going to have your kids play Frankenstein Bowling at your Halloween party, you'll have to plan ahead just a bit. Follow the tutorial to create the game on the Party Delights website, but you'll need some cans, paint, and a bit of creativity in order to pull it off. Decorate each can to look like Frankenstein's monster or another Halloween-like character (ghosts, mummies, witches, and black cats are all great ideas) before the party and then stack them up so the kids can knock them over.


Pop Goes The Pumpkin

Pop Goes The Pumpkin, from Martha Stewart, is a great Halloween party game for kids. Inflate plenty of orange balloons so that you can create a large, 3D pumpkin shape on your wall. Fill the balloons with candy and other little fun Halloween trinkets. Then, let the kids take turns throwing plastic-tipped (that's important) darts or using pushpins or toothpicks to pop the balloons.


Pin The Bow-Tie On The Skeleton

You likely don't need an explanation for this game if you're at all familiar with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but Pin the Bow-Tie on the Skeleton takes that familiar concept and makes it more fitting for Halloween. According to Parents, all you need is a paper or card stock bow-tie, a large drawing of a skeleton, and a blindfold to put together this fun, festive game.


Pumpkin Hunt

Planning a Pumpkin Hunt for kids to participate in at your Halloween party takes a little bit of work in advance, but it's sure to be a popular activity among younger kids. Essentially, as noted by Shutterfly, it's a Halloween Easter egg hunt. All you need are plenty of small pumpkins, squash, and gourds that you can then hide all over the party venue. Incorporating some sort of prize for whoever finds the most might encourage kids to keep their eyes peeled.


Spider Web Walking

Spider Web Walking from No Time For Flash Cards is a fun game for little ones who might not do so well with the scarier Halloween activities. To set up this game, you'll need some painter's tape, items to be obstacles on the "web," like plastic spiders, paper ghosts, and more, and a prize to be given out to the kids who successfully complete the course. Make your web, add your obstacles, place your prize in the middle and then the kids are all set and ready to play.


Witch Hat Ring Toss

If you're looking for creative with minimal effort, look no further than this Witch Hat Ring Toss game from Sometimes Creative. Use a foam board base, add black circles for the base of the witch hats, and then top with pointy cones made out of black card stock. Decorate your witches hats and then find some rings for the kids to toss onto them. You're good to go.


Pumpkin Golf

This Halloween party game definitely requires some time and effort, but if you can pull it off, it's sure to be a hit with the kids. Pumpkin Golf, from A Girl and A Glue Gun, requires carving some pumpkins that'll then be used as golf holes and picking up a toy golf set (which you can often find inexpensively at dollar stores). Nearly everything else mentioned in the tutorial is optional, so feel free to gussy it up as you see fit. After you carve your pumpkins into suitable "holes," all you have to do is create your course. Of course, you can stick with just one pumpkin and do a singular hole, but that's not quite as much fun as a pumpkin golf course.


Spider Races

Spider Races, from Still Playing School, is an fun, easy activity for the kids at any kind of Halloween party. In order to create your Spider Races game, all you'll need are some plastic toy spiders and a couple of straws. The kids blow through their straws, trying to get their spider to the finish line first. Make sure you have a fun prize to hand out to the winner.



You'll need a large sheet and a doorway to play Nosey. According to Martha Stewart, you should cut a slit in the sheet that a kid's nose will fit through. You don't want any other parts of them to show, however, or it'll ruin the game. Essentially, one team has to try to guess whose nose is showing. If they guess correctly, another member of the team has to put their nose through, if they're wrong, however, a member of their team has to do it and it's the other team's turn to guess. Talk about a challenge.

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