Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift: Dress My Kid Like You For Halloween

For this year's Halloween, plenty of kids will probably want to dress like the queen of pop herself. If this sounds like your child, then these Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" costumes for kids will be a hit. They take inspiration from the many different looks Tay portrays in this super-popular video.

As far as modern music videos are concerned, it's difficult to overstate the impact of Swift's recent single. In fact, the video for "Look What You Made Me Do" broke records with its release, bringing in 43.2 million views in the first 24 hours of its availability, according to the website for Variety. With its exploration of Swift's past personas, as well as the introduction of some snaky new characters, it's a mesmerizing and compulsively re-watchable video. In fact, fans have taken to decoding the meanings in the new Taylor Swift video in great detail, according to the website for Rolling Stone. (For instance, did you catch the "Et tu Brute" carved on her throne?)

Although this may be Taylor's edgiest incarnation to date, plenty of kids still love the singer-songwriter. If your own little one desires to dress like Swift, here are some interpretations of her "Look What You Made Me Do" ensembles that are appropriate for kids. Read on to see how your little one can best rep Tay.


Zombie Taylor

Strappy Back Maxi Dress, $35, Macys | Zombie Makeup Kit, $30, Halloween Costume | Costume Zombie Wig, $4, Amazon

This look is the most appropriate for Halloween. Get a junior's maxi dress. Consider checking local thrift shops for inexpensive gowns that can be repurposed as a kid's Halloween costume. Use a zombie makeup kit to copy Taylor's terrifying look. Lastly, top it off with a costume zombie wig.


Diamonds Taylor

Sequin Dico Dress, $46, Halloween Express | Silver Metallic Leggings, $12, Amazon | White Sequin Sneakers, $40, Macys | Baguette Drop Earrings, $20, Charming Charlie | Rhinestone Bib Necklace, $55, Charming Charlie | Multi-Strand Rhinestone Bracelet, $12, Claires

In the video for "Look What You Made Me Do," Taylor Swift actually bathed in diamonds, according to the website for Teen Vogue. For a more affordable take on this scene, start with a sequin disco dress, some silver metallic leggings, and white sequin sneakers. Now it's time to raid your costume jewelry for all the brightest pieces. Some baguette drop earrings, a rhinestone bib necklace, and a multi-strand rhinestone bracelet should do the trick.


Leopard Coat Taylor

Girls Black Dress, $17, Target | Fauz Fur Coat, $37, Amazon | Bid Dark Sunglasses, $4, Crazy 8 | Plush Leotard Toy, $25, National Geographic Store | Black Harness Lead Set, $15, Petco

Start with a girls' black dress, a faux fur coat, and some big dark sunglasses. Add in a plush leopard toy and a black harness lead set for added authenticity.


Sneaky Snake Taylor

Red Swing Dress, $9, BooHoo | Snake Necklace, $36, Etsy | Coiled Snake Bracelet, $1, eBay | Gold Snake Ring, $60, Taylor Swift

For the sassiest look ever, take inspiration from Taylor's snake queen sequence. Start with a red swing dress. Add in a bold snake necklace, a coiled snake bracelet, and a gold snake ring. It's a fun look, plus your kid gets to excuse to hiss at people all night.


Interrupted VMA Taylor

Sparkly Silver Dress, $11, Crazy 8 | Curly Blonde Wig, $31, Halloween Express | Music Choice Award Replica, $135, eBay

Relive one of Tay's most famous moments. Get a sparkly silver dress, and curly blonde wig. For the full effect, you can get an MTV Moonman replica, or just use any trophy you happen to have on hand.


America's Sweetheart Taylor

Pop Star Girl Costume, $40, Amazon | Unpainted Wood Guitar, $17, Amazon | Silver Glitter Spray, $7, Michaels |

To portray this earlier version of Taylor, first grab a pop star girl costume. Then get an unpainted wood guitar and cover it in silver glitter spray. Your kid is ready to perform "Fifteen."


Cat Mask Taylor

White Cat Mask, $10, Amazon | Tiger Face Shirt, $18, Amazon | Red Glitter Leggings, $5, Macys | Red Glitter Shoes, $10, Target

Begin with a white cat mask. Add in a tiger face shirt, some red glitter leggings, and red glitter shoes.


Biker Taylor

Embroidered Moto Jacket, $28, Target | Black Moto Pants, $13, Crazy 8 | Combat Boots, $45, Justice | Biker Hate and Choker, $30, Amazon | 18-inch Kids Bike, $91, Amazon

For a kid-friendly version of this fierce look, pair a girl's embroidered moto jacket with black moto pants and patch combat boots. Add in a biker hat and choker to complete the look. To be extra, have your child ride an 18-inch kid's bike while in costume.


Dance Number Taylor

Black Jumpsuit, $74, Dillards | Chunky Black Sweater, $13, Jet | Blonde Curly Wig, $18, Amazon | Black Cherry Lipstick, $4, NYX Cosmetics

Chances are, plenty of kids will want to copy the singer's new, edgy look. Pair a kid's black jumpsuit with a kid's chunky black sweater. A blonde curly wig completes the look. If you're OK with your kid wearing lipstick, add some black cherry lipstick.


"You Belong With Me" Taylor

Plain White T-Shirt, $7, Justice | Oversized Pair of Glasses, $11, Bleu Dame | Fabric Markers, $20, Joann Fabric

This is the most casual look of the bunch. Get a plain white t-shirt and an oversized pair of glasses. Then take a set of fabric markets and design Taylor's Junior Jewels shirt. For a fun twist, your kid can write the names of her own friends on the shirt.


Reputation Taylor

"Rep" Pullover, $65, Taylor Swift | Fluffy Knit Sweater, $29, Walmart | Black Leggings, $10, Macys | Dark Red Nail Polish, $6, Amazon

For an approximation of her video look, pair a Taylor Swift Rep shirt with a fluffy knit sweater. Add in some basic black leggings and dark red nail polish and your kid is all ready to party like a pop star.

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