11 Text Messages Every New Mom Sends Her Mother After She Has A Newborn

The newborn stage is, in many ways, the most terrifying for any new mother. It doesn't matter how prepared you think you are; the learning curve for new parents is steep and there are some parenting lessons you just can't learn until you're in the thick of parenthood. For many new moms, (who have active and healthy relationships with their parents or parent) consider their mother to be their life line, and end up sending the texts every new moms sends her mother when she has a newborn. If anyone can understand what it is like to be responsible for another tiny, very needy human life, it's your own mother because, well, you were that tiny, very needy human life once.

I still remember those early days, right after I had given birth and I was sore and exhausted and kind of confused and very vulnerable. After all, it's not like I had spent my pregnancy practicing putting diapers on a too-skinny, tiny baby with that scary-looking umbilical stump while sleep-deprived. So, as a result, I spent far too many moments wondering what my baby's cry meant and what she was trying to communicate and what she needed. In other words, there were a lot of texts headed my mom's way that involved me asking her how the hell she had managed to not only keep me alive, but do a damn good job of raising me in general. Especially without the comfort of Dr. Google, always there to assuage (or instigate) your concerns.

So, having said that and in the name of solidarity (because we're all in this together, right?) here are 11 text messages every woman sends her mom when she has a newborn:

All The Apologies

I will truly feel guilty for the rest of my life. Seriously mom, I am so sorry.

The Real Talk Only Moms Can Give You

She probably doesn't remember anymore, but she'll talk you through it anyway (or at least promise you that, yes, you will walk normally again).

So. Many. Tears.

Not only as a baby, but honestly, as a mother, too.

Seriously, There Are No Words

Nothing can express the gratitude you feel for your own mom, like becoming a mother yourself.

Really, Though...

Can't. Do. Pizza. Again.

The Hard Days

You know it will, but you still need to hear it from someone who's been there.

Because You Know She Won't Always Come To Help With Dinner

Some days, I still want to ask her this question, and my kids are two and four.

Every New Mom Has Thought It

But will your mom answer you honestly??

Don't Worry, You'll Figure It Out Yourself

So much poop. So. Much.

Desperate Times

Your mom may or may not lie, but you honestly can't blame her. In fact, it may be better if she just does lie, so you can hold onto hope.

A Mother's Love

One of the best moments you can share with your mom is when you realize how much love a mom ends up feeling for her children. It's such a special mother-daughter moment to share.