11 Texts Strong Couples Send One Another To Keep The Spark Alive

Texting gets a bad rap, mainly from people who think it's a juvenile way to communicate, but I think it's a great way to keep in touch. And, to be honest, I think texts have some serious power in a relationship. Ignore the stereotype of couples texting each other ten pages of emojis, and think more about the kind of texts strong couples send to each other. Whether they're to remind a partner to pick up milk, or wish them luck at work, they can be really important for a couple's communication.

According to Time, 82 percent of young adults say that they communicate with their partner via text multiple times per day. It's become our generation's way to stay in touch with our loved ones, but I think it does more than just keep us connected. I can't tell you how many sweet texts my boyfriend has sent me that I've saved on to my computer, simply because I want to remember the words he shared with me. And texting, for me, is the perfect way to communicate when I am swamped with a toddler and a work from home job. I don't have time on my lunch break to talk to him on the phone, or send a lengthy email. So those little texts throughout the day? That's how I let him know I'm thinking about him, missing him, and recap my day to him.

There's at least 11 texts that strong couples send each other to keep the relationship going, and I'm proud that my partner and I are fans of all of them. Texting may be huge for the high schoolers, but it's huge for us couples, too.


"I Hope You Have A Good Morning"

My boyfriend sends me some variation of this text every morning, even if he woke up at my house. I love that he's always thinking of me, despite his busy schedule, and it's a great way to start my day.


"How Did Your Project Go?"

But replace project with the specific task your partner had for that day. Like, "How did your class go?" or "How did the meeting with marketing go?" By asking a specific question, not only are you telling your partner that you listen to them, but you're proving that you think about them and how their day is going often.


"Is There Anything I Can Do To Help?"

And strong couples mean it. Asking your partner this can be in response to everything. Maybe your partner is having a bad day, or maybe your SO is totally fine, you just want to make their day a little easier.


Kissy Face Emoji

You may think emojis are juvenile, but they can be really sweet in the right context. Think of it as leaning over to give your SO a kiss for no reason. Sending a kissy face emoji lets your partner know that you're thinking of them and wish you could really give them a smooch.


"I Appreciate You"

It doesn't have to be that formal of an expression, but letting your SO know you appreciate all of the hard work they do is so important. Especially if your partner told you that the kids were acting wild today, or that they waited at the bank for an hour to wrap up some errands.


"This Made Me Think Of You"

My boyfriend and I send article links, YouTube videos, and funny memes to each other throughout the day. I'll laugh at something, and it totally makes me think of him, so I text it. I don't know if he feels the same way, but when he shares something with me, it makes me so happy. I love that he's thinking of me, and I love that he cares enough to share something with me just because he knows I'll love it, too. Or that it might even spark a fun discussion between us.


"I'm Waiting On You To Watch 'The Walking Dead'"

Who says romance is dead? If your SO was out of town or unable to catch one of your favorite shows, this is the perfect text.


"I Need Your Advice"

Again, this doesn't have to be in such formal terms, but couples who talk about their problems and predicaments are incredibly strong. If you're needing your partner's advice on a situation, text them. They'll be happy to help and feel secure that you're asking them what they think.


Any Kind Of Compliment

Compliments don't have to be forced or even sound like a compliment to be effective. I love when my boyfriend texts me that he's proud of how hard I've been working, or when I send him a link to an article I've written and he says, "I love it!" Sending your partner any kind of complimentary message like, "I like those pants you were wearing this morning" or "You are the hardest worker I know" has seriously lasting results.


"Don't Check Facebook, There Are 'Walking Dead' Spoilers"

I once wrote about The Walking Dead on Facebook, and a friend of mine commented with about six spoilers from episodes I hadn't seen yet. My boyfriend sent me a flurry of text messages that read, "DO NOT READ YOUR NOTIFICATIONS". I mean, it doesn't get much stronger of a relationship than that.


"I'm Not Arguing Through Texts"

The most important one, obviously. I had an ex that loved to argue with me through texts, and it drove me insane. You can misconstrue everything in a text from tone, to how long it's taking your SO to respond. In fact, there have been studies done that show texts that aren't affirmative or positive in nature are detrimental to relationships, according to NPR.