11 Things Every Grown-Ass Couple Does To Build Trust

Trusting your partner is a key relationship foundation; like communication, attraction and each preferring different places in the big spoon/little spoon position. That said, there's no judgment from me if you’re not the trusting type. People are complicated and so are relationships. For me, personally, unequivocally trusting my partner is comforting; like soft, freshly laundered towels or a hot breakfast or Connie Britton’s entire existence. My partner and I have been together for more than ten years, so we’ve had some time to work on the things all grown-ass couples do to build trust in our relationship.

During that time, my partner has forgiven me for that brief Zac Efron obsession I had in 2009, as well as the super-embarrassing display I made at the NKOTBSB reunion tour in 2011. I, on the other hand, have chosen to look past, um, nothing that’s really comparable to either of these awkward truths. All joking aside, no matter how long a particular couple has been together or how strong their relationship may seem or feel or even be; a grown-ass couple knows that trust takes continuous work and communication. There are things that two partners can do regularly, to ensure that the trust they've built or naturally experience, continues to be a staple of their relationship.

So, if you're in the throes of a relationship and want to make sure that trust is shared between you and your partner, try these 11 things every grown-ass couple does to build trust on the daily:

They Don't Watch Shared Shows Without Each Another

But if they do, they definitely pretend like it didn't happen and re-watch while casually snuggling.

They Don't Eat The Last Serving Of The Other's Favorite Snacks

I can't be the only one who thinks about my favorite foods all day, and how excited I am to eat them at the end of work. A partner who spoils this simple joy in my life would quickly become an ex-partner.

They Do What They Say They're Going To Do

Like, "Oh, hey dear, I'm going to pick-up dog food and diapers today, " and then actually come home with dog food and diapers, not fancy chocolates and potato chips because they forgot about the important stuff and the unimportant stuff looked good (sorry, dear).

They Don't Judge One Another, Even When One Of Them Doesn't Shower For Three Days

I knew I could put my faith in my partner when he didn't bat an eye at how quickly and forcefully I demanded to borrow his college sweatpants.

They Arrive On Time To Pick One Another Up From The Airport

If you are new to a relationship, I definitely suggest this one. You don't even need to make it a real trip, you can just be like, "Hey, can you pick me up from the airport at 4pm?" and conveniently leave out the part about taking Uber there ten minutes prior.

They Refrain From Sharing One Another's Embarrassing Stories

Not to toot my own horn, but I've done some pretty ridiculous stuff in my day. Some of it involves misjudging furniture and wall locations; some of it involves the volume of wine consumed; some of it involves both. Thankfully, my partner is classy AF and has yet to reveal these stories publicly.

They Definitely Don't Share Unflattering Photos On Facebook

But if they do, they are at least kind enough to not tag you.

They Don't Post Cryptic, Attention-Seeking Status Updates

Instead of hinting to the social media world that there may be trouble in paradise, they'll simply talk to you about it. In person. You know, like an adult.

They Don’t Take All Their Phone Calls In Different Rooms Or Scream When Soeone Gets Too Close To Their Phone

Mostly because if I'm going to order ridiculous things like bouncy castles, my partner gets to know about it and share in my unapologetic excitement.

They Eat The Food Each Other Prepares

Because we know it's not poisoned.

They Talk And Spend Time Together

I suppose all of the others are a wash if you don't feel a close bond with your partner through shared time, deep conversation, and similar values that you've revealed in safe, supportive discussions.