11 Things To Know Before Having Sex On Your Period

Plenty of women have grown up feeling ashamed of their periods. This is a pretty weird thing, because they have been perfectly normal occurrence for half the population for many years. But some women who are otherwise sexually adventurous may blanche at the thought of period sex. However, many women are still game when Aunt Flo is in town. So if you're curious, there are a few things to know before having sex on your period.

For the most part, it will be like any other sexual encounter but with more towels . In general, there is nothing inherently dirty or dangerous about period blood; it's just a normal bodily product. As long as you're taking care to practice safe sex (i.e., you and your partner are fluid-bonded or using condoms), then chances are you're in the clear. You don't have to shut down you sex life for a week out of every month.

That said, there are a few tips that will make your period sex experience more pleasant. Perhaps you and your partner would enjoy giving shower sex a try, or maybe you'd like to experiment with a sex-safe menstrual cup. Whatever the case, as long as you and your partner can keep an open mind, you can plenty of sexy adventures all month long.


You Might Want It More

If you feel a pretty aroused when you're on your period, you aren't alone. According to Prevention, it's common for menstruating women to experience heightened levels of arousal thanks to the effects of estrogen and testosterone. So don't think you're nuts for feeling turned on when it's that time.


Your Orgasms Could Be Better

Your enjoyment may be even higher than usual. According to the Sex MD, period sex may be especially pleasant thanks to increased blood flow to the area, and heightened sensation.


It May Be Less Messy Than Anticipated

Even if you have a light flow, it's probably a smart move to drape an old towel over your bed. To be extra-safe, you can follow advice from Women's Health and use a condom to keep your partner away from most of the blood. (Or just turn off the lights and wash up later.)


You Could Still Get Pregnant

OK, it isn't a reason to panic. But according to the American Pregnancy Association, there is a possibility of getting pregnant on your period, although it is not very likely. Just be aware of the potential if you typically use condoms or other barrier methods.


It May Ease Period Pains

If you're having an exceptionally rough shark week, then a little roll in the sack just might be what the doctor ordered. According to Cosmopolitan, orgasms may ease cramps. Hey, it's worth a shot, right?


It's Pretty Common

No, you aren't some lone perv for considering period sex. As noted in Cosmopolitan, about 30 percent of sexually active people keep going at it during shark week.


You Can Always Take It To The Shower

If you're really concerned about stains, then remember that you and your partner can always hop in the shower. If you need a refresher, here's some tips on having effective shower sex.


It's Safe

Sure, it's pretty normal to be concerned about your health during this time, and you may even wonder about your partner coming into contact with menstrual blood. But as noted in Health, sex during your period is safe (although the usual rules of safe sex still apply).


You Could Consider Cups

If you really want to take blood out of the equation, then there may be a solution. As noted in She Knows, certain brands of menstrual cups can be used for sex when you're on your period to reduce the potential mess greatly. It's an option.


You Should Talk It Out With Your SO Beforehand

Sure, your partner will probably be cool with it. But it's courteous to give your SO a heads' up, especially before having period sex for the first time, just to avoid any surprises.


It's Entirely Optional

If you give period sex a try and it is just not for you, then that's fine too. There are plenty of other ways you and your SO can be intimate.