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11 Tips For Effective Shower Sex That'll Keep You From Slipping

Shower sex is more than just hot, it's an effective use of your time in the morning and a better way to connect with your partner than sharing a cup of coffee. OK, and if I'm being honest, it's also incredibly difficult sometimes. But if you know a few tips for effective shower sex, you can make it a part of your daily routine.

Now if you're wanting a super hot, porn-worthy marathon of shower sex where the two of you are only dry for about 10 percent of the day, these are not the tips for you. Likewise, if you're hoping a little sexy shower action will turn into a full blown day of sex, these tips are not for you. These 11 tips are for the couple that likes a little sex mixed into their daily routine, but wants to make it an effective use of their time. And hey — that's sexy.

People love to complain that they never have time for sex, they can never make time for sex, and they're just too damn tired for sex. But what's hotter than your SO pulling back the shower curtain to admire your hot, wet, naked body and feeling so turned on that they just have to join you? Plus, it's no secret that morning sex has tons of benefits, so take advantage of the situation. Use these 11 tips to make your sexy shower romps effective, hot, and something to look forward to in the morning other than coffee.


Keep The Water Cool

You may like your showers to be the same temperature as the sun, but when you put another body in there and start revving each other up, it's going to get miserable very quickly. When your partner jumps in, turn the water down some so that the two of you aren't distracted by the heat and you're both comfortable.


Keep The Tub Edges Clear

Because you're going to need something to hold on to. Not to mention that even though knocking everything out of the tub might be hot when you're ravaging each other, you've got an 8 a.m. meeting and you don't want to clean up the 12 half-empty shampoo bottles that will scatter.


Use The Shower Head To Your Advantage

Sometimes the close quarters and positions make it difficult to get off, so use that shower head the best way you know how. Bonus? Your SO will love watching you get yourself off.


Use A Tub Mat

Nobody needs a concussion here. Throw a tub mat into the bath to keep both of you upright and on sure footing. (Especially when other fluids are introduced.)


Keep Lube Handy

Just because you're wet in the shower doesn't mean you don't need any lube. Keep some in the bathroom just in case things get a little dry. (Make sure it's silicone-based and not water-based!)


Try It Doggy Style

Having your back against the wall and your legs wrapped around your partner's waist may seem like the sexiest shower position, but it's also really hard to pull off. We're talking about effective shower sex here, people, not porn-worthy antics. So go for doggy style. You'll have plenty of support when you bend over and you're less likely to slip and seriously hurt yourself.


Get Your Washing And Shaving Done First

You don't want to run out of hot water in your sexcapades and then wash your hair with freezing H2O, right? And after an orgasm, who wants to shave their legs instead of enjoying the moment? Before you two put on a sexy suds show, finish washing your hair, your body, and all of your other shower duties. Plus, no one wants soap in the eyes.


Don't Worry About The Floor Getting Wet

Shower sex is not for those who are panicking about a mess or about the state of the bathroom floor. If you can't relax and enjoy the moment, you're going to make it difficult to orgasm and it's going to take a lot longer than it should. You can throw a towel down later.


Go For Oral

If positions seem impossible, then just go for oral sex. You and your partner both know what the other likes, and it can be really hot to have your SO go down on you while you're in the shower.


Stay In The Shower To Clean Up

Once the two of you are done, stay under the water for a little bit longer to clean up. That's one of the best things about shower sex — there's no need for a cum towel.


Know When To Quit

Look, sometimes, it's just not going to happen. So know when to turn the shower off and climb into bed to do the deed, OK? No one's judging you. Shower sex is hard AF.