11 Trendy Halloween Costumes, Because Avocado Toast Is The Scariest Thing In The World Right Now

by Lindsay E. Mack

When it's time to choose a Halloween costume for you or your kid, why not look to the biggest trends of the year? It's a timely, clever way to pick out costumes. These trendy Halloween costumes for kids and adults are a perfect way to celebrate current cultural phenomenons. Plus, in a few years you can look back at the pictures from this Halloween and remember 2017 in all its bizarre glory.

There are so many ways to approach the trendy costume ideas, too. Maybe you want to go with kid-friendly phenomenons, such as fidget spinner costumes. (Yes, there are fully functional fidget spinner costumes on the market, because of course there are.) Or maybe you want to honor celebrities and their iconic moments in 2017, because there are a lot of those to choose from. Lastly, don't forget the random trends that pop up seemingly out of nowhere, such as the immense love for unicorns and mermaids. Although if there were ever a time that called for the distraction of magical beings, this year would be it. Whether you go the toy route or choose to honor some other facet of this pop culture moment, fully embrace the trends that have helped make this year so weirdly unique.


Millennial Pink

Colors go through trends like everything else, and right now millennial pink is causing quite the stir. Take this color to the next level with a millennial pink shirt ($21, Etsy), a millennial pink baseball cap ($30, Etsy), and some sequin pink trousers ($49, Etsy). You're the hue of the moment.



It's weird to think of plants as trendy, but cute, kicky succulents have invaded every desktop, windowsill, and Pinterest page in recent years. To be fair, the tiny plants are adorable and tough to kill. Celebrate your succulent love with this getup.

Take an echeveria graphic t-shirt ($30, Modcloth) and pair it with a succulent flower crown ($45, Etsy) and a succulent pendant necklace ($10, Etsy). It's the perfect getup for anyone who adores these tiny plants.


Fidget Spinners


Fidget spinners exploded in popularity earlier this year, to the immense annoyance of teachers everywhere. In an unsurprising twist, working fidget spinner Halloween costumes ($30, Amazon) are a thing. To be honest, it's the most trendy look possible for Halloween this year.


New Taylor Swift VS. Old Taylor Swift

If you've listened to "Look What You Made Me Do," then you know the news: the old Taylor Swift is dead. Channel the snaky new Taylor, or any of her past incarnations, for Halloween this year. For Reputation-era Tay, go for an album cover t-shirt ($45,, a snake arm cuff ($20, Etsy), and a snake print miniskirt ($15, ASOS). A rhinestone costume necklace ($10, Etsy) channels the music video scene where she bathes in diamonds.

If you want to go for an America's Sweetheart version of Taylor, then wear a sparkly mini dress ($15, ASOS), cute cowboy boots ($85, Boot Barn), and a curly blonde wig ($16, LightInTheBox).

Or, get really creative and figure out how to be half of each!


Dabbing Skeleton

Dabbing took off in a big way recently, and it looks like plenty of kids are still obsessed with the move. To pay homage to the pose, wear a dabbing skeleton shirt ($19, Amazon), some glow-in-the-dark skeleton gloves ($10, Etsy) and a cool skull mask ($10, Spirit Halloween). Get ready to dab the night away.


I Love The 1990s

Butterfly clips, brown lipsticks, choker necklaces, and backpack purses are everywhere, because '90s fashions are back in a huge way. Try to jam as many 1990s style trends into one outfit as possible. For inspiration: try soft jelly shoes ($7, Amazon), some bright windbreaker pants ($45, Amazon), a totally rad TMNT shirt ($24, Etsy), and a velvet scrunchie ($4, Etsy). Remix the decade's many fashion trends into one slammin' outfit.


Avocado Toast

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, avocado toast: it's the tasty treat preventing Millennials everywhere from homeownership. To go as this scary snack, rock an avocado and toast t-shirt ($17, Amazon) with some cute toast gloves ($30+, Amazon) and an avocado hat ($15, Etsy). Now you're trendy AF.



For kids of a certain age, Hatchimals are THE toy of the moment. To be fair, the little critters are pretty adorable. If your kid is obsessed, then go for a child's Hatchimals costume ($28, Amazon) this Halloween. This just-hatched look still has the egg attached.


Nicole Kidman's Clap At The Oscars

So much fuss has been made about Nicole Kidman's unique way of clapping at the Oscars. To channel this important moment in pop culture history, put on a pretty beige gown ($32, ASOS), deep red lips ($7+, Amazon), and a comically large cocktail ring ($4+, Amazon) or two. Clap in her signature way throughout the night.



Basically everything about mermaids, from their shimmering hair to their magical fins, has been a huge trend lately. Chances are, this year's Halloween will have plenty of mer-folk swimming through the streets. For your own spin on the trend, go for a child's magical mermaid costume ($12, Amazon), or an adult mermaid costume ($26, Amazon). Add a cool mermaid wig ($15, Amazon) for a little extra flair.


Unicorn Everything

The majestic, one-horned beasts have been everywhere lately, from Frappuccinos to TV shows. There are plenty of ways to embrace the unicorn's magical vibes for Halloween this year. Kids can rock something like the girls unicorn costume ($20, Amazon), which comes with a headband and magical wings. Alternatively, go for a weirder look with the inflatable unicorn rider costume ($39, Amazon). Too much work? The unicorn costume with horns and distressed t-shirt ($40, Etsy) is a bit more laid-back. Whatever outfit you choose, hopefully you and yours will have a magical Halloween that's totally on-trend.

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