11 Unique Baby Names That Have A Lot Of Personality

Though there aren't many things you can control during pregnancy, the one thing you most certainly do have a say in is your baby's name. The unpredictable nature of labor, the roller coaster of hormones, and the endless hypotheticals and worst case scenarios that run through your head at night are all just badges you earn as a parent-to-be. That's why sifting through name choices can be a fun way to release stress. Maybe, just maybe, your selection will influence your child's disposition, too. Why not consider unique baby names that have a lot of personality?

If you've always daydreamed that your future child would be spunky and sassy, artistic and creative, or even the class clown with a great sense of humor, then finding a moniker whose meaning is chock full of personality could be the perfect option for you. Not only will picking a name that is not in the top 100 let your child stand out, but it can give them a very unique sense of identity.

So whether you're having a boy, a girl, or you prefer the gender-neutral route, check out these distinctly creative baby names that are just bursting at the seams with character.



This name, which doesn't even crack the top 200 on the Social Security's ranking of baby names, is definitely rare. Aviva, which means "joyful spring" in Hebrew is a charismatic choice for your future daughter.



If you don't want your son's name to be too quirky, you could always call him Leo instead. Yet this name is totally a bold pick since it means "the daring ones" in German. How hardcore is that?



A unisex option, this name comes from Hindu mythology and means "friend" in Sanskrit. After all, isn't friendliness a great quality to have in a kid?



One of the Muses in Greek mythology, Thalia was the muse of poetry and comedy and her name means "to blossom" in Greek.



Jazz legend and famous band leader, Duke Ellington, was larger than life and full of talent. His last name could serve as the boisterous inspiration for either your son's or daughter's name.



Not only is this name uncommon in America, but it has a delightful meaning, too. It comes from the Latin word for "upbeat, happy."



Though typically used for boys, this name can be given to girls as well. Meaning "wise person, sage poet" in Hindi, a moniker like that could put your child on the path to literary success.



The Italian word for "cheerful, lively," this name would be well-suited for your joyful and energetic daughter.



This is typically a boy's name, but by adding an "e" to the end it's considered a girl's name. Meaning "adventurer" in French, this option is great for the thrill-seeking parent.



You just can't help but to smile when you hear this name. Perhaps that's because it means "she who brings happiness" in Latin.



This rare and unique name means "virtue and bravery" in Hungarian and is thought to have been derived from the 11th century king of Hungary's impressive reign.