11 Valentine's Day Gifts For $25 Or Less That Prove Love Don't Cost A Thing

I'm a huge fan of holiday plans, but I definitely think Valentine's Day can be a Netflix and chill kind of celebration. A lot of people think the red and pink holiday is when you're supposed to go all out, but I disagree. For one thing, most venues and restaurants seriously jack up the prices for a Valentine's Day "special." For another, there are so many cheap Valentine's Day gifts that are still sentimental and special, so why break the bank?

Look, if you're a person who prefers a big night out with hundreds of dollars invested in flowers, chocolates, and gifts, that’s fine. You are free to celebrate the holiday however you want. But I really think Valentine's Day is so much more than big plans for the evening. It's a chance to make an ordinary day in the middle of February a little more special for someone you care deeply about. And yes, V-Day haters, I know you can do that any day of the year. But you can also wear a party hat and blow candles out on a cake any day. Holidays are just fun, bottom line, and they don't have to break the bank.

No matter who you're shopping for this Valentine's Day, there's a cheap, thoughtful gift for $25 or less that’s perfect for them. Of course, if you just want to give your SO a coupon book for massages and home-cooked dinners, that's OK, too. But don't forget to throw one in there for a nap.


For Your Long-Term Girlfriend

I think the longer you're with someone, the harder it is to shop for them on Valentine's Day. You want to give them something special and unique, but you also don't want to be cliche. I get it. That's why the What I Love About Us book ($10) from Urban Outfitters is so perfect. It's a seriously romantic gesture and your girlfriend will treasure hearing what you really think and value about your relationship.


For Your Long-Term Boyfriend

There's nothing sweeter than the two of you sharing a special place together. Maybe the spot where you first said "I love you" is it or where you had your first date. No matter the location, these sweet heart-shaped city maps ($18) from A Gier Design are perfect.


For Your Short-Term Girlfriend

If the two of you haven't been dating for long, give her the best Valentine's Day with a fun gift that shares your love message for you. From Urban Outfitters, this You Complete Me Jigsaw Puzzle ($18) is a wooden, heart shaped puzzle. Put it together, scrawl a sweet message on the back, and disassemble before giving it to her. It's a totally adorable and sweet way to spread the love.


For Your Short-Term Boyfriend

When you start dating someone, you love to hear about their dreams, their aspirations, and their goals. Make your boyfriend's hopes for the year a little easier to obtain with a bucket list sign ($20). He can use it to keep his own goals in order or the two of you can work together to fill it out as things you want to accomplish through the year as a couple.


For Your Wife

I'm just going to guess that your wife is probably super busy and hasn't had a chance to frame all of those beautiful photos of the two of you or your family. (Let's be real, she probably hasn't even printed them yet.) Make her a very happy woman with a gorgeous Chatbook ($8). Featuring Instagram photos, Chatbooks turns your wife's snaps into a lovely, 30 page 6x6 book with one image per page. You can upgrade to more as well and since these start out so cheap, there's no way you'll break the bank on this sentimental gift.


For Your Husband

There's no telling how many ticket stubs your husband has from his years of concerts in high school to all of the movies the two of you have seen. Help him keep them all organized with a ticket stub diary ($15) from Urban Outfitters. He may not actually write anything other than who he was with, but it'll be a nice keepsake one day when he's going on about the time the Royals won the World Series.


For Your BFF

It's Valentine's Day and you want your BFF to know how much you love them. It's obvious isn't it? An I Love You Pint Glass ($10) from Urban Outfitters is the way to go. You know they'll be drinking and you know they'll love the reminder from you.


For Your Work Spouse

We've all had that one friend at work that becomes our "work spouse." Don't leave them out on Valentine's Day! Gift them these "Love Your Stupid Face" socks ($12) from Blue Q. It'll make them say "aww" every time they pull them on.


For Your Daughter

I bought my little girl some star shaped lights for her room, so I can assure you that any daughters will love these sweet heart string lights ($15).


For Your Son

Boys don't have to suffer through T-shirts with hearts on them or chocolates in the shape of their favorite superhero. This LEGO Valentine's Day Dinner Set ($25) is not only themed for the holiday, but will make an excellent addition to their insane LEGO collection. Not going to lie, I kind of want to play with this thing, too.


For You And Your Partner To Enjoy Together

Another sweet book, this is perfect to gift your partner if the two of you want to enjoy something together. Think of Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie ($15) as a time capsule of your relationship. With prompts like "reasons we stay up all night" and "our fantasy tattoos", you and your partner will love talking about your relationship and preserving it in these pages.

Images: m01229/Flickr