11 Vegan Brownie Recipes Because You Don’t Need Eggs to Enjoy Chocolatey Treat

Adopting a vegan lifestyle isn’t an easy feat, as you’re required to give up all animal products. That means no eggs at breakfast, no cheese on your sandwich, and no butter on your dinner time roll. It’s a huge challenge, and one that becomes especially difficult come dessert time. I mean, having a fruit salad is fine every once in awhile, but there are days where you need something fudgy, gooey, and, above all else, chocolatey. Luckily, with the vegan lifestyle becoming more and more popular, there are ways enjoy some of your favorite desserts. Vegan brownie recipes, for example, as a super simple staple to have on hand. Not to mention, they taste just like the non-vegan variety, making them appealing to all eaters. (Well, except people who hate chocolate, but who wants to hang out with those people?!)

By using dairy alternatives like almond milk and thickening agents like sweet potatoes, your favorite brownies are still as chewy, gooey, delicious as ever. They just happen to be a lot more animal-friendly. They are also much healthier than a traditional brownie, as ground up nuts and flaxseed amp up the fiber factor. And if you’re trying to convince a kid to indulge? You won’t have to do much talking. These 11 vegan brownie recipes speak for themselves and are all perfectly delicious and plant-based.


Raspberry Truffle Brownies

Sweet, tangy, whole raspberries mixed into a dense, chocolate brownie? This raspberry truffle brownie recipe from Post Punk Kitchen will have you absolutely swooning. It’s a divine treat that’s low in fat and high in fiber, so you can feel good about indulging.


Easy Fudgy Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Made with sweet potatoes, this fudgy vegan brownie recipe from Fo Reals Life will have you feeling plant-strong and satisfy your chocolate craving all at once. It’s a quick, easy recipe and also comes with an extra ingredient idea if you feel like making them “adult” brownies.


Black Bean Brownies

They may sound unappetizing, but have cake, will travel’s black bean brownie recipe is a delicious dessert that is packed with nutrients. Not to mention, you can  serve it right from the fridge, making it a perfect dessert for a hot day.


Rocky Road Brownies

Everyone loves a classic brownie, but there’s nothing like adding some delicious marshmallows and nuts to give you an irresistible dessert. These rocky road brownies from Allyson Kramer are perfect for a potluck, but you might not want to share.


Goji Berry Brownies

These decadent goji berry brownies from Pickles & Honey have a delightfully chewy texture thanks to the additional ingredient. Another low-fat dessert, Despite their rich flavor, these brownies are low in fat, making them a great option.


Maple-Roasted Nut Butter Brownies

From Coconut and Berries, these maple-roasted nut butter brownies are to die for. Throwing some chopped nuts in the oven and drizzling them with maple syrup and sea salt sounds divine enough, but then drop them into a brownie batter for a chewy, delicious texture.


Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

Gluten-free and a perfect autumn treat, these pumpkin swirl brownies from Keepin’ It Kind hit all the marks. The moist, fudgy brownies also include cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg for that cozy fall taste.


Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Brownies

One of the main ingredients in this vegan brownie recipe is chocolate hazelnut butter. Need I say more? From Connoisseurus Veg, these chocolate hazelnut butter brownies are great for any nut fiend.


Raw Jalapeno Lime Brownies

Combining sweet and spicy flavors is one of my favorite things, especially if chocolate is involved. So I couldn’t resist adding Fragrant Vanilla Cake’s raw jalapeno lime brownie to the roundup. Super fudgy with a great texture (thanks to the secret ingredient, zucchini) this recipe is perfect for the spicy fans.


Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies

Made in layers, these peanut butter fudge brownies from This Rawsome Vegan Life have a chewy texture made of cashews, dates, and buckwheat groats. With nothing but peanut butter and water as the middle layer and a top layer of cacao mixed with maple syrup and coconut oil, it’s the perfect treat for a peanut butter and chocolate fan.


Minty S’mores Brownies

A brownie made with cool mint, vegan marshmallows and topped with a salted mint-chocolate ganache frosting needs to be on your to-make list. These vegan s’mores brownies from Healthy, Happy Life are ooey and gooey and will require a fork for all of the chocolate goodness.

Images: Fo Reals LifeJoseph DeBortoli/Flickr; have cake, will travel; Allyson Kramer; Pickles & Honey; Coconut and Berries; Keepin’ It Kind; Connoisseurs Veg; Fragrant Vanilla Cake; This Rawsome Vegan Life; Healthy, Happy Life