11 Ways To Get In The Mood For Sex, According To Science

It doesn't matter how much you enjoy sex, you will occasionally have days when you're just not that into it. It's like anything else, right? When you're not in the mood for sex, you're just not in the mood, and there's no headache required to make that decision. But what if you want to be in the mood? Is there a way to get in the mood for sex and rev yourself up?

Of course there is. There's at least 13 actually and you know what? Not one of them involves porn. Hey, if that works for you, game on. But porn is not always the answer and, honestly, if I want to get in the mood, I prefer making it happen by doing something I actually enjoy. Maybe the stress of the day has got you down or maybe you're just exhausted, but if your partner is hinting that they're ready to get it on and you'd like to join, it's time to figure out what works best for you.

So if you want to keep those erotic books on the shelf, keep the porn off of the TV, and get horny by doing things that are already part of your routine, here are 13 ways to get yourself in the mood for sex. Thank you science!


Hit The Gym

You already know that hitting the gym and working out releases endorphins, which make you feel pretty good. But Psycology Today notes that exercise also releases dopamine, the hormone associated with orgasms. So go for a run, do some squats, or hit up a Zumba class to release all of those hormones and put you in the mood. Bonus: You look hot in those yoga pants.

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Sniff Some Pumpkin Pie

A study done by the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago found that certain smells could increase penile blood flow in male volunteers. Each smell used affected the blood flow in some way, but a combination of pumpkin pie and lavender scents was the winner with an increase in penile blood flow by 40 percent. The study may have been done on men, but it wouldn't hurt to pick up a pie next time you're at the store, right? Black licorice was also a big helper if you're finding it hard to pick up a pumpkin pie in the non-Thanksgiving months.

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Eat Some Aphrodisiacs

So you want to get in the mood, but you're starving? Time to fill up on some aphrodisiac foods. You've probably heard that oysters do the job, but there are a few easier-to-find and more crowd-pleasing choices like avocados, salmon, and pomegranates.

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Warm Up Your Feet

Socks during sex may not sound super sensual, but a British study found that women wearing socks were more likely to have an orgasm than those who were barefoot. So strip down, but eep those tootsies warm.

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Watch A Horror Movie

CNN reports that when your adrenaline is up, so is your sex drive. You probably can't get away for a bungee jumping escapade on a Wednesday night, but you can watch a scary flick with your partner to get your hearts racing and your body ready.

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Eat Foods With Vitamin B

Research has found that vitamin B has a correlation with the levels of sex drive and the release of hormones that put you in the mood. So get yourself going by eating foods rich in vitamin B like watermelon or Swiss cheese.


Quit Smoking

Mayo Clinic notes that smoking decreases your blood flow, which means your genitals may not be getting as warmed up as they should to be aroused. Of course, this won't immediately make you horny, but it can definitely help in the long run.


Think About The Terrible Economy

Or watch a Donald Trump rally. A study done at Kansas University found that when men were forced to think about a threatening environment, they were more likely to be aroused and want to have sex. The researchers believed it's because of a biological instinct to mate when things are looking rough. Although the study was only done on men, I think it's worth giving a shot for us ladies, too.


Have Your Man Grow Stubble

Thank god beards are in, right? A 2013 study found that women find a man with heavy stubble the most attractive, so if your partner is clean-shaven, ask him to ditch the razor for a few days to boost your libido.


Make Your Partner Tell A Joke

Everyone knows funny guys are sexy, but a 2010 study actually found that women who overheard a man tell a joke were more willing to give him their phone numbers. So eavesdrop on your partner's conversations with his buddies or ask him to drop a few funny lines into your conversation.


Drink Some Red Wine

This is the best news you'll ever hear. A study published in the The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that regular, moderate consumption of red wine boosts a woman's sexual health. All the gold stars for these researchers. Drink up, ladies. And then get it on.

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