11 Ways To Make Your Bras Last A Long Time

Like visits to the dentist and cleaning your refrigerator, wearing a bra can be one of those uncomfortable things that a girl just has to do. But whether wearing a bra makes you feel sexy or like you're trapped in a straight jacket, you definitely want to hold on to the good ones for as long as possible. Finding a bra that fits properly can be both expensive and exhausting, which is why you need to know the ways to make your bras last. If you find your bras are constantly frayed, faded, and looking like they could double as a slice of Swiss cheese, chances are your being a little too hard on them.

Washing your bras in cold water with a gentle cleanser, hanging them to dry, and storing them neatly in your drawer are just a few of the things you can do to make a difference in the time your bra stays looking the best it can. Treating your bras with a little TLC can help them retain their shape, extend their life, and give you much more value for your money.

If you follow this advice and show your bras a little love, they will gladly return the favor.


Stay Away From The Dryer

Lingerie experts at luxury retailer Rigby & Peller told Verily magazine that heat is a no-no when drying your bras. The dryer heat can melt your underwire. Instead, the recommend you hang your bras by the band to dry on a clothesline.


Give Your Bras A Break

Bra fitting specialist Bobbie Smith told Huffington Post that letting your bra rest a day or two between wears can help extend the life of the elastic. Have a rotation of bras that fit to choose from.


Wear Without Washing

Good Housekeeping suggests that, unless you're extremely sweaty, you wear your bra at least three times between washes to ensure a longer life.


Choose A Sturdy Material

The Bare Necessities blog recommends choosing bras made of a lace to ensure a longer life.


Store Them Properly

Recreate a department store display in your lingerie drawer. According to Good Housekeeping, proper storage is important. The lumps and creases that come from being stuffed into a drawer are bad for your bra's shape.


Use A Gentle Cleanser

According to the Bare Necessities blog, washing your bras in a lingerie bag with a lingerie wash is much gentler than regular detergent.


Don't Use Bleach

Victoria Secret warns girls to stay away from bleach when washing their bras. Chlorine bleach can do some serious damage to bra straps and bands.


Wash By Hand

Hand washing or machine washing on a gentle cycle will help ensure a lot more wears out of your bra, according to Victoria Secret.


Wash With Like Colors

Lingerie retailer LingaDore advises you to wash your bras with like colors to prevent discoloration.


Keep Them Clasped

The folks at Rigby & Peller told Verily magazine to keep your bras clasped when washing to prevent getting hooked on another article of clothing and stretching out of shape.


Wash In Cold Water

According to Racked, washing bras in cold water is best to protect elastic from breaking down