11 Weird Things That Happen During Oral Sex

Great oral sex can be fun and orgasmic. It can also encourage you and your partner to really let loose and live in the moment. Despite all the weird things that happen during oral sex, it’s still a pleasurable undertaking, because sometimes getting a bit messy and ridiculous leads to the best sex of all.

Although you may wish things in your own bedroom were more like the romance scenes in movies, real life has a way of intervening. Sweat, hair, saliva, and even sneezes are just facts of life, and you get extra close and personal with these things when giving or receiving oral. It’s all part of the fun.

So even though you may be weirded out by these side effects, they are all completely normal aspects of engaging in oral sex. Chances are it’s more common than you might realize. As explained on Sex Info Online, oral sex has become increasingly popular since the 1960s. It’s a dynamic part of your bedroom repertoire that can be used as foreplay or the main event itself. And there’s good news for het couples: according to PsychCentral, men give oral sex as often as they receive it. It feels good, it’s fun, and it makes a fool of everyone. Don’t let the weirdness stop you from enjoying oral as often as you like.


Sound Effects

When things get heated, you might not even be aware of the noises that result. You're slurping away down there like someone enjoying a hot bowl of pho. Don't even think twice: you partner probably finds it pretty hot.



Sometimes you have to work out mouth muscles you didn't know existed. And even when things get tiring, you just have to rally and keep going. Think of it as a very targeted form of exercise.



It gets everywhere. But part of the fun is just being as messy as necessary to get the job done. You can always clean up afterward.



It's totally cool to take a five-second breather to chug a glass of water. It's thirsty work. Your partner will understand.


Close-Up Views

You will get to see your partner's anatomy from angles he or she could never manage. This up-close-and-personal view the most private parts of your SO's body demonstrates a great deal of trust and closeness. But it's perfectly fine if you're a tiny bit weirded out by the view.



Even if you're both landscaping experts, hair will still happen sometimes. Maybe it's just stubble; maybe it's more than that. And there is no dignified way to extract a stray hair from your mouth in the middle of the act, so just do what you need to do and keep going. There should be no judgement during oral sex time.


Interesting Scents

PSA: if the smells are intolerable down there for you or your SO, it might be time for a trip to the doctor's office. But a little daily funk is to be expected. You'll really get to know your partner's signature scent this way.


Breathing Breaks

Sure, this is the best time ever to just breathe through your nose. But if your sinuses are even the slightest bit stopped up, that's easier said than done. So sometimes you have to stop for a second and gasp for air. This is fine: there's nothing sexy about passing out from a lack of oxygen.


Involuntary Reactions

Sometimes you need to stop for a sneeze or a cough. Sometimes more embarrassing things happen. Hey, this is real life and on occasion you have to take a second to cope with your body's involuntary reactions. It's normal.


Really Random Thoughts

If you're on the receiving end, chances are your mind might go a bit spazzy as you near orgasm. Maybe you indulge in very specific fantasies, or maybe your brain spins out of control for a few minutes. Enjoy the ride. There's no need for your thoughts to make sense right now.



Whether you're giving or receiving, it's pretty normal to work up a sweat. That's a pretty good sign things are going well, and you can always hop in the shower later to freshen up. Getting sweaty is just another fun reaction.