Weird Things Your Hair Does If You Don't Wash It

As a black woman, the notion of washing your hair every single day is foreign to me. Since the texture of the black woman's hair is different than that of other races, it's not recommended or required of us to wash our hair every day because of how dry and brittle it can become. On the other hand, my non-black friends find it interesting to know that I don't wash my hair every day and always question me about it. Surprisingly though, there are weird things that happen if you don't wash your hair every day — regardless of your race — and not all of them are bad.

I've never washed my hair more than once a week. To be honest, I really wash my hair bi-weekly, but will do it weekly depending on what that week consisted of. For me, daily washing of my hair just seems like a bad idea, but if it works for you, keep doing it. I would like to point out, however, that there are many benefits of not washing your hair daily that I'm sure any woman would appreciate. Of course, the texture of your hair has a lot to do with how it acts when it's clean or dirty, so being knowledgeable of what works for you is super important.

Not sure whether or not washing your hair daily is something you should continue? These 11 things can help you determine if you should decrease your cleaning frequency or keep it going.


It Loses Volume

According to Marie Claire, not washing your hair daily will take away volume. Your hair will collect excess styling products, which will weigh it down and cause it to lose its buoyancy.


Your Hair Will Look Thinner

For women with thinner hair, not washing your mane daily will make it look thinner, Bustle noted. Women with fine hair run the risk of their hair sticking together resulting in thinner looking hair.


Your Hairstyles Will Look Better

According to Gurl, not washing your hair daily can also make your hairstyles look better. Since clean hair is very soft and has a difficulty holding in place, using dirty hair to achieve your favorite styles would be best.


You Hair Won't Produce As Much Oil

Huffington Post noted that having dirty hair will actually stop the overproduction of oil that you experience when washing every day. Instead of washing your full head every day, wash the front — where it holds the most grease — and leave the rest dry.


You'll Lose More Hair When You Finally Wash It

According to Marie Claire, if you extend your cleaning frequency and are not brushing your hair regularly, it may look as if you're losing more hair than usual when finally washing. Don't fret though, it's just a few days worth of hair fibers leaving your mane.


It Makes Getting Ready Easier

Not having to wash your hair every morning or before every outing will make your routine both easier and quicker. Without having to wash, dry, and style every time, you'll be out the door quicker and appreciate the time you've saved.


Your Dye Job Won't Last As Long

Bustle noted that not washing your hair on the regular can affect your dye job tremendously. Having oily hair will prevent the dye from penetrating through the product build up evenly. No one wants a botched dye job, right?


Your Split Ends Will Decrease

Washing your hair every day will make your hair more susceptible to breakage and split ends because of the oil you're stripping from it, Stylecaster noted. Washing it every other day will give it time to repair itself and bounce back properly.


Your Hair Can Become Healthier Due To Lack Of Heat Styling

Are you a person who blow dries, flat irons, and curls your hair after every single wash? Well, deciding to eliminate the everyday cleanse can help keep your mane away from heat damage. Since you won't be applying the same amount of heat, your hair will become healthier and look better because of it.


Your Natural Texture Will Shine Through

According to Gurl, not washing your hair every single day will help your natural texture push through. When your hair is dirty, you'll be able to develop the perfect look with your original texture because you won't be heat styling as often.


You'll Save Your Manicure

Regardless of the type of manicure you usually get, not washing your hair daily will help you keep those nails in tact. Daily washing can speed up the chipping of your polish or the lifting of your gel. So, minimizing the frequency of your washes can save your manicure and save you some bucks as a result.