12 Apps To Help Your Kid Learn Numbers, Because Math Is Coming

Technology, computers, tablets, and even phones are a major way that people communicate and get their knowledge today. When it comes to transferring that habit to your children, however, screen time can seem like more of a negative thing than anything else. Luckily, once your little ones can interact and retain information, you can actually use educational apps to your advantage, especially in areas you feel outside help would be beneficial, like math or number associations. Apps to help your kid learn numbers are a great way to both use screen time to your advantage and teach kids to utilize their intuitive number sense. Choosing the right educational apps can be a bit overwhelming though.

Learning to count with apps using logic, games, characters, prompts, and more is becoming a creative outlet for parents to turn to. Figuring out which apps to start with doesn't have to be daunting, however. Making sure the apps you're downloading share educational, yet fun ways to learn about numbers, is crucial to the learning process. Luckily, if you're wanting to find some new or just different educational and upbeat number-related apps, you can check out the list below and start downloading some today. Turns out, math isn't as boring as you thought.


Number Rack

Number Rack is an app that helps challenge a child's natural development of number sense. The app encourages kids to think in groups of five or 10 while exploring addition and subtraction using movable, colored beads.


Teaching Number Lines

With Teaching Number Lines, kids can learn about the concept of linear numbers with a fun frog to take them through challenges. The app uses several different methods to introduce things like counting, ordering, addition, and subtraction.


Make 10 Plus

This app, Make 10 Plus, not only helps your kids learn about numbers, but also helps solidify logic when it comes to adding groups of numbers together. Through fun games, numbers become much more of an exciting challenge.


10 Frame Fill

10 Frame Fill lets kids learn to recognize additive "10 Families," or for example one and nine or three and seven. You can choose whether the 10 Frame Fill is random or in sequence, and use color chips to fill the 10 frame as your little one gets the answer.


123 Genius First Numbers & Counting Game for Kids

123 Genius comes with several interactive games that are perfect for toddler and preschool-aged kids. Kids can match, count with fingers, identify numbers, trace numbers, and more.


Counting 123–Learn To Count Challenge For Kids

The Counting 123 app includes four mini-games: Fish Tap Challenge, Spot the Differences, Jumping Grasshopper, and Dresses Fashion Show. The app is primarily designed to help teach kids about counting.



This personalized Buzkids app helps kids learn about numbers and counting in addition to including educational aspects over animal sounds, letters, and fruit and veggie names.


Laugh & Learn™ Let's Count Animals For Baby

For the much younger little ones, Laugh & Learn Let's Count Animals For Baby is a good one to expose babies to counting if you think they're ready to start retaining. The app counts along with fun animal images.


Dominoes Easy Match

Although Dominoes Easy Match is only available for tablets or iPad, it's a great way to get your kids associating numbers with counting the amount of objects (or in this case dots).


Line 'Em Up

Line 'Em Up is an app that's designed to help kindergarten-aged kids master number order. You can choose 10, 15, or 20 number tiles and designate a range of beginning numbers.


More 4 Monkey: Pre-K Number Foundation

As expressed in the app name, More 4 Monkey is a great numbers app for pre-kindergarten kids. The app is advertised as science-based and takes children on adventures through a monkey's world to work on their intuitive number sense.


Preschool Numbers Game

The Preschool Numbers Game app, unlike many of the others, covers numbers all the way up to 100. Using sight, sound, and touch, this app helps kids learn numbers quickly.