These April-Inspired Dog Names Are For All The Jazzy, Pizzazz-y Pups Out There

Spring might technically start in March, but everyone knows that the new season doesn't really take hold until April. The winter chill is finally, finally beginning to let go, the Easter bunny typically makes a visit, and the trees are budding at last... that's what makes April a perfect month to to add a new furry member to your family. So what are some dog names for April dogs that you're going to love all year round?

Just the word "April" is a popular enough name (not to mention super pretty), but since you're naming a pet and not a person, you might as well get a little bit more creative. The good news is, there's so much going on in April that you'll find more inspiration than you know what to do with. The month of April has been set aside to celebrate such diverse interests as jazz and poetry, with specific days honoring everything from trees to the entire planet.

April is oftentimes the month that Easter is observed (which is the case this year). It's also oftentimes the month when your kid will put on his jacket for the last time until next October. All of these factors mean it's truly an ideal month to bring home a new pup: Warmer weather and higher spirits should finally stop conspiring to keep everybody indoors forever. Read on for all the doggo name inspo you'll need this month, and more.



You know what they say about April showers... and this rainy name is of course especially popular at the moment, thanks to a certain Kardashiababy. Whether you choose to spell it as Stormy or Stormi or Stormee or whatever else, they'll all sound about the same to your dog.



April is National Poetry Month, and who better than the Bard to bring out the muse in your new pet? Of course, if you're a devoted poetry fan, you might want to go with one of the many other poetically-inspired names out there (because a dog named Bukowski would be ah-mazing).



Traditionally observed on the last Friday in April, which happens to be April 26 in 2019, Arbor Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the very necessary role trees play in keeping our planet healthy. Name your pup after one of your favorite trees and keep those eco-conscious vibes going for years to come.



Otherwise known as "JAM," Jazz Appreciation Month was created at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in 2001 "to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz for the entire month of April." Honor jazz great Ella Fitzgerald by making your dog her namesake, and maybe she'll turn out to have serious howling skills.



Like Ella Fitzgerald, iconic trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie's musical contributions to society must be remembered, especially during Jazz Appreciation Month. Bonus: Even apart from the jazz connection, this is a super adorable name... particularly for an uber-enthusiastic pup who likes to run in circles and the like.



Every month has at least one special birth flower associated with it, and April gets the springy and splashy daisy, according to ProFlowers. The perfect excuse to dress your doggo in daisy chains!


Sweet Pea

If daisies aren't your think, you'll be glad to know that April is one of those months with a second special flower: the sweet pea, according to Teleflora. Symbolizing gratitude and pleasure, this flower comes in such shades as purple, blue, red, pink, white and peach.



The clear winners of the birthstone game, those born in April get to claim diamonds as their dedicated gem, according to the American Gem Society. And while "Diamond" might be a little too obvious for a dog name, you can still acknowledge your dog's lucky birthstone status with the name Jewel.



One can also look to April's origin story for name inspo, such as the the following theory from Since months are often named for gods and goddesses, and since Aphrilis is derived from the Greek “Aphrodite,” it's not a huge leap to decide that April was named for the Greek goddess of love.


Peter Cottontail

This one might sound like a mouthful, but it's got serious Easter bunny vibes (a major April holiday) and it would be super cute for a dog with a fluffy white tail of some sort. Plus, you probably wouldn't call your pup by his full name most of the time, and "Petey" is a canine classic... it worked for The Little Rascals, anyway!



It's Earth Day time again, and this year's theme, "Protect Our Species," is meant to raise awareness and funds to prevent endangered species from becoming extinct, among other issues. With the coral reefs in danger of disappearing, this lovely name is a message in itself.



Another theory about the root of the name April, also according to, has to do with its Latin origin, Aprilis (derived from the Latin aperire meaning “to open”) which is thought to refer to the "opening or blossoming of flowers and trees."