Your Kid Will Love Playing In The Sand With These 12 Beach Toys From Walmart

With summer comes the obligatory beach excursion: long days spent slathering sunscreen on wriggling kids, sammies that have more sand in them than cheese, bringing a barrage of equipment with you, and wondering if that big clump in your child's swimsuit is a lump of sand... or something else. But packing to go to the beach is not for the faint of heart, and requires some specific equipment, like these beach toys from Walmart that are designed to help your kids actually have fun in the sun, without burning a hold through your wallet.

Whether your kids are naturally-born beach babes or would prefer to spend their summer indoors, eyes glued to a screen, you’re probably going to head to a big body of water at some point. Love it or leave it, it's just part and parcel of summer. And you’d think that splashing in the waves and burying unwitting siblings in the sand would suffice, but nope. You’re still going to have to schlep some serious gear, mama, if you want to keep your kiddos occupied — and save your sanity in the process. From shovels to dump trucks, frisbees to good ol' fashioned playing cards, these beach toys from Walmart just might do the trick!