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These 'PLL' Characters Can't Be A.D.

While everyone's trying to figure out who A.D. is, maybe the best course of action is to figure out which characters can't be A.D. on Pretty Little Liars. There's definitely a number of Rosewood residents who, without a doubt, couldn't be A.D. Then again, with creator I. Marlene King, you can never really know what she has up her sleeve, so she could end up surprising you. Still, I feel confident that these characters aren't the mastermind currently ruining the Liars' lives.

Whether they're dead, a red herring, or it just doesn't make sense, there are definitely people in Rosewood that probably don't have nefarious plans against the Liars, though it does seem hard to believe. In actuality, some people may even like the Liars or at least, not hate them enough to terrorize them for years. Again, it's totally possible King will hit fans with some crazy twist in the series finale and totally upend everything we thought we knew. But the A.D. reveal has to make at least a little sense, even if this is PLL... right?!?!

Though logic doesn't always come into play on the show, especially in regards to A.D., it has to add up in some coherent way considering King has been planning this for a very long time. So here are the characters that are probably not A.D.

Pastor Ted


Sure he's Charlotte's dad, but he's also a pastor and seems like a really nice guy. It seems unlikely that he'd stalk young women and make them play a psychotic board game. Right?

Aria Montgomery

It'd be pretty shocking if Aria was tormenting (and FaceTiming) herself and making herself do these things to her friends. I have to believe she isn't behind all of this — at least not willingly.

Maya St. Germain

Emily's first real girlfriend died back in Season 2 and while many fans hoped she'd somehow come back from the dead, it seems she's really gone for good, which means there's no way she could be A.D.

Emily Fields

Emily's too nice to do these terrible things to her friends. If she ends up being the culprit, I will riot.

Charlotte "CeCe" Drake

Another character that fans are 99.9 percent certain is dead is Charlotte so she can't be A.D. Plus, she was already A so having Charlotte be A.D. would just be redundant.

Jenna Marshall

Though Jenna makes a great villain, after seeing her off somewhere with A.D. it's hard to believe Jenna's somehow also the person she's clearly taking orders from.

Sydney Driscoll

Similar to Jenna, Sydney's obviously terrified of A.D. and is only being used as a henchmen.

Hanna Marin

I love Hanna but let's be real, she's just not clever enough to pull this off. Besides, why would Hanna torture herself... multiple times? It doesn't add up.

Sara Harvey

Sara was a very popular suspect... until she ended up dead. Though some people (like Ali) tend to return from the grave, Sara looked very, very dead and unlike in Ravenswood, ghosts don't just run wild in Rosewood and torture people.

Ali Dilaurentis

Ali has come a long way from the mean girl she was as a teen and playing A.D. just doesn't seem like her style anymore. Also, when would she have had time to terrorize people when she was off marrying a psycho and then put in the psych ward? Probably never.

The Wine Moms


The Wine Moms don't have time for A.D.'s schemes. They're too busy drinking wine and dealing with whatever problems their daughters have now found themselves in.

Spencer Hastings

There's no way Spencer had time to set up this board game after she got shot. It's just implausible. Also, why would she play the game if she made the game? She was by herself when she decided to take her turn, so it's not like she did it for anyone's benefit. It's much more likely that Spencer is innocent. Her possible twin on the other hand...

You can see who the real A.D. is when the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.