12 Cleaning Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Need Some Motivation

I will be the first to admit that I need all of the help I can get when it comes to cleaning my home. But who would have thought that cleaning Instagram accounts would be the place to find motivation? Although I am somewhat organized, summoning the strength to deep clean my kids' closets and swipe the dust bunnies from the top of the ceiling fans only happens once in a blue moon. I know I'm not alone here when I say that sometimes, I just need a little bit of inspiration. That's where these cleaning Instagrams to follow come in handy.

These accounts are full of gorgeous shots of sparkling clean homes with a place for everything and everything in its place. While that may not be what your actual home looks like on a regular basis, having pretty pictures to look at and inspire you to tackle some of the nagging cleaning tasks you have avoided for far too long surely can't hurt. It's good to have goals, people. And if one of your goals is an effortlessly clean and orderly home, these 12 cleaning Instagrams can help get you there.

In addition to following these inspirational cleaning accounts on Instagrams, searching hashtags like #cleaninghacks and #cleaningmotivation will yield even more posts to provide plenty of encouragement for all of your home cleaning adventures.



Sophie Hinchliffe is the epitome of cleaning influencers and her Instagram page @mrshinchhome has taken on a life all its own. Her followers regularly post using the lingo she's coined such as #hinchhaul with pics of their cleaning products and #hinchhacks for cleaning tricks they've picked up from this guru's page. Seriously, there's some good stuff in there.



If you're only going to follow one cleaning page on Instagram, @thehomeedit is definitely one to consider. Cleaning and organization tricks and tips abound and the photos are purely gorgeous. Just one look at their color-coded LEGO drawer and neatly stacked pantry storage containers will have you literally running to re-arrange your space. Bonus: they teach you how to maintain it, too.



Professional home organizer Nicola Lewis offers real-life tips and tricks to get your home in tip-top shape on her Instagram page @_thisgirlcanorganise. Her practical approach to organization is so easy to emulate. One look at her page and you're going to want to tackle all of those cluttered areas of your home to make cleaning so much easier.



Blogger and mom Danielle Dixon chronicles her family's adventures in home renovation on her Instagram page @housetohomeatlast. She shares plenty of cleaning and organization tips that will have you ready to deep clean every inch of your home. The gorgeous shots of her mostly monochromatic home are enough to inspire even the messiest housekeepers to shape up.



Best selling author and UK's queen of clean Lynsey Crombie offers a variety of cleaning inspiration on her Instagram page @lynsey_queenofclean, as well as product recommendations that can help keep your home absolutely sparkling. Many of her posts offer eco-friendly solutions for stubborn cleaning conundrums that are as good for the planet as they are for your home.



On the Instagram page @abowlfulloflemons, home keeping expert and best-selling author Toni Hammersley provides easy-to-follow cleaning and home organization tips to help keep your home gorgeously clean and orderly. Also on the page, you'll find inspiring challenges like month-long purges where followers are encouraged to de-clutter certain areas of their home each day.



On @americancleanqueen Instagram page, you can expect to see a myriad of posts about the best cleaning products to use for specific projects around your home. From scrubbing kids' shoes with a silicone sponge to sweeping carpeted stairs with a squeegee, the insight you'll glean from this page will help you keep your home completely in order.



Michigan mom and blogger Corinne Burghardt's Instagram page @slayathomemother offers a plethora of cleaning hacks and easy-to-follow demos for moms who are looking for the best ways to deep clean specific parts of the home such as your dishwasher or stovetop. Bonus: Her kids are super adorable and she posts plenty of kid-friendly recipes and activities in addition to her cleaning and organizing tips.



The Instagram page @neatmethod takes home organization to an entirely new level. This organization brand posts photos with pictures of their various home organization projects that can serve to inspire you to get all of the things in your own home neat and tidy.



Twin sisters Nat and Kat are the faces behind the Instagram page @twinklecleaningduo, and they share practical cleaning tips, including how to make your sink sparkle using baby oil and how to deep clean your vacuum. Not only do they teach you how to use cleaning products in innovative ways, but they also give tips for how to store them neatly and conveniently as well.



When mom Ellen O'Keeffe isn't busy keeping up with her two adorable boys, she's helping inspire others to clean up their spaces by posting tips and tricks on her Instagram page @_ellenokeefe. Her page's hashtag #theelleneffect encourages followers to post their own cleaning successes.



Professional organizer Michele Vig provides a plethora of home design and organizational inspiration on her Instagram page @neatlittlenest. If you're looking for clever ways to arrange the pesky places in your home where clutter seems to gather, this page has tons of ideas.