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12 Earth Day 2018 Memes To Keep Your News Feed Woke

Ain't no party like an Earth Day party, 'cause an Earth Day party don't stop! Except for when everyone forgets it's Earth Day and continues to throw their plastic into the trash instead of the recycling bin and lets the water run incessantly as they brush their teeth. Look, we could all be doing a lot to reduce the size of our carbon footprint and these Earth Day memes prove it. Whether you need a reminder for yourself or want to keep your news feed as fresh and woke (and educational) as possible, there's one here for you.

I know, I know. Your Earth Day will consist of making your own laundry soap, turning your wine bottles into some kind of DIY project even Joanna Gaines would be jealous of, and a few tree planting activities. How on earth (EARTH) would a meme help, right? Well here's the thing. Not everyone is out there celebrating Earth Day like you are. In fact, some of them (me) are scrolling through their Instagram feed, wondering what to do with their Sunday. But maybe, just maybe, they'll catch a glimpse of one of these Earth Day meme and think, "Hey, maybe I should go cut up all of those plastic six-pack rings so the animals don't get caught." Or maybe they'll donate a few bucks to the World Wildlife Federation. Or maybe they'll just double tap the meme and move on with their day.

But hey, somehow, you made a difference. And this Earth Day, whether you have a project lined up or just want to share a meme or two, you can keep the conversation alive.


So Party Like It's Your Earth Day

Even trees deserve a celebration, which is why it's worth snagging this meme to remind everyone about the day's guest of honor.


Bathroom Humor

I mean, if you can say Uranus and not giggle, I truly commend you.


He's A Clown Fish...

Even clown fish can make jokes. Because... they're clown fish. HAR HAR HAR.


Peace, Love, & Mother Earth

If you can't make a peace sign on Earth Day, when can you?


Reuse Is The New Recycle

OK, this meme looks like Batman which means you should listen to its statement even more — reuse.


A Picture Says A Thousand Words

It's pretty easy to think about all the things we throw away and how that impacts the Earth, but to actually see a picture of just some of the junk we toss changes things. Share this one to remind everyone what we're fighting against.


Pass On The Plastic

Again, another meme that says more in its design than any words could.


The Real Scary Monster

Forget Jaws. The trash polluting the ocean is scarier than any great white shark. (OK, maybe not any Great White.)


Plastic Is Really The Enemy Here

In case you haven't figured it out, plastic is really the enemy here and all of these memes were created to remind you.


Listen To The Fish

Seriously, the statistics out there about the plastic in our oceans is enough to make you sick — literally. The fish have had enough and are here to wage a war against trash and plastic on Earth Day. Share a meme or two to show that you stand ... er, swim ... with them.


Because Sometimes You Just Need A Good Pun

Doesn't it just though?


You Might As Well Love It

It's not like you can drive you car to Mars when Earth is totally covered in plastic, you know? You might as well truly love it and do all you can to make sure that Earth Day is celebrated every day. Where else are you going to live?

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