12 Easy Peanuts Costumes For The Whole Family, Because The Great Pumpkin Is Coming

When I was a kid, the Peanuts were a favorite of mine. I was obsessed, and had a stuffed Snoopy and Woodstock I’d carry around with me everywhere — including in the toilet for a swim, unfortunately — and I still have them to this day. I am now also the proud owner of two beagles, probably thanks to Snoopy. If you love the Peanuts like me, and you’re looking for iconic, kid-friendly Halloween costumes the whole family can get involved in, you'll need to know how to make some easy Peanuts costumes for the whole family. All of these pieces are pretty DIY, especially since most of the characters just wore regular clothes. In fact, you can probably find a lot of the pieces in your own closet. The only hard part may be finding the right accessories for Snoopy and Woodstock. But if you’re creative and are close to a craft store, that shouldn’t be a problem either.

The original Peanuts cartoons started out as a comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, which began in 1950, according to the Schulz Museum’s website. It follows the life of a little boy named Charlie Brown whom everyone thinks is a "blockhead," and is sort of an underdog — but he sometimes comes out on top in the end. It's also a pretty humorous storyline that focuses heavily on his beagle Snoopy, and his pal Woodstock, the canary. The first Peanuts strip was published in “The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The Allentown Call-Chronicle, The Bethlehem Globe-Times, The Denver Post, and The Seattle Times,” according to the website.

And from there, the Peanuts exploded in popularity and became a well-loved cartoon on TV, as well as TV specials, including the famous It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown’s All-Stars!, You’re In Love, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, and more. There were even full-length movies, such as A Boy Named Charlie Brown; Snoopy, Come Home; Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown; Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come back!); and most recently, The Peanuts Movie. Watching those movies and TV specials are a great way to get some costume ideas, and luckily, it's easy to look like any member of the Peanuts gang. Pick your favorite characters for you and your entire family to get in the spirit. The Great Pumpkin is coming, after all and you don't want to miss out on tricks or treats.

1Charlie Brown


Good grief. Sweet Charlie Brown never gives up, and is easily identified by his bright yellow shirt with the black zig-zag around it. For an adult costume, pick up a bright yellow shirt ($2, Apparel N Bags), black shorts ($15, Amazon), brown shoes ($80, Journey's), and maybe even a flesh-colored wig cap to get his signature baldness. A kid's yellow shirt ($2, Amazon), black shorts ($19, Gymboree) and brown shoes ($30, Old Navy) may already be in their closets. And all you have to do to "Charlie Brown-ify" the shirt is to use fabric paint ($1, Michael's) to draw and fill in the zig zag. Don't forget his yellow socks.



Sally is Charlie Brown's kid sister, and her iconic and most favorite outfit is a blue polka dot dress ($24, Dolly & Dotty), and white sneakers ($17, Target). Her "Sweet Babboo" Linus, Charlie Brown's best friend, doesn't ever seem to notice her, even in her cute outfit, and she doesn't understand why, but still tries to pursue him — much to Linus' dismay. For a kid or baby costume, as long as you have the iconic blue polka dot dress ($11, Kohl's), and white sneakers ($15, Target), most people would know who they're trying to portray. Don't forget the blonde kid wig ($20, Etsy) or adult wig ($23, Amazon) and ribbon ($3, Michael's) to make her blue bow.



In addition to Sally's love interest, Linus is Charlie Brown's best friend and the brother of one of Charlie Brown's frenemies, Lucy. Even though Linus is an avid believer of The Great Pumpkin, he's usually the voice of reason among all the Peanuts gang. I guess he gets his wisdom and confidence from his blue blanket ($7, Amazon) he carries around. Sally must really love his red striped shirt ($20, Amazon), black shorts ($14, Amazon) and black/brown kicks — depending on the movie — ($50, Journey's) to not care that he loves his blanket more than her. Check out the kid version of the shirt ($5, Gymboree), shorts ($19, Gymboree), and shoes ($14, Old Navy) if Linus is their favorite character.



Linus' sister Lucy is definitely Charlie Brown's frenemy. Sometimes she seems like she's trying to be helpful, especially when "The Doctor Is In," and she has her therapist booth set up, but she always ends up being a bit harsh and kind of a bully. She's at her meanest when she claims she will hold a football ($7, Amazon) for Charlie Brown to kick, but without fail, she always moves it out of the way, causing him to fall on his back. And poor Charlie Brown falls for it every single time. Maybe he is mesmerized by her cute outfit of pony shoes ($30, Payless), and her cute blue dress ($14, BooHoo)? And who could forget that snazzy hairdo ($11, Amazon)? The kid versions of the dress ($16, Amazon) and shoes ($20, Payless) are just as adorable. Don't forget your The Doctor Is In sign.



Perhaps it's his young musical prowess and his mad piano ($17, Amazon) skills, but Schroeder is the apple of Lucy's eye. Maybe Lucy digs the black and purple striped shirt ($13, Target) and his crisp black shorts ($15, Amazon) and sneakers ($50, Journey's)? Who knows. If you can't find a black and purple striped shirt, grab a black shirt and use fabric paint or colored tape to get those purple stripes on there. Or if you find a kids purple shirt ($4, Cheapestees), use fabric paint or black electric tape to get the striped look. Paired with the black shorts ($2, Children's Place), sneakers ($14, Old Navy), and piano ($17, Amazon), folks will know who they are.

6Peppermint Patty


Peppermint Patty's style is pretty laid back and really showcases her love for sports. The one thing she loves more than sports? Charlie Brown. Even though she has a crush on him, she still stays true to herself in her brown Birkenstocks ($15, Target), soccer shorts ($18, Kohl's), and green striped soccer shirt ($35, Etsy). You do you, Peppermint Patty. And if your kid already plays soccer, you may have the kid-sized shorts ($18, Kohl's) in their closet. Then all you need is the top ($20, Etsy) and shoes ($12, Target), and perhaps a wig ($12, Amazon) — for you or your kid — and you'll have the full ensemble.



Marcie is Peppermint Patty's best friend and sidekick (and for some reason, she calls Peppermint Patty "Sir"). She's the polar opposite of Peppermint Patty as she loves school and reading, and hates sports. It's easy to see why they're friends though, since Marcie is always the voice of reason and understanding for Peppermint Patty, and they share the same sense of laid-back style. Marcie's iconic red t-shirt ($8, Old Navy), black sneakers ($50, Journey's), jeans ($25, Old Navy), and round glasses ($7, Hollar) never go out of style, so it shouldn't be too hard to find kid versions of her top ($5, Target), bottoms ($19, Old Navy), and sneakers ($6, Walmart) for the costume. In some strips, Marcie is even wearing pony shoes and black shorts, so you be the judge of which version of cool Marcie you want to be.



Violet is Lucy's best friend, and is also friends with Peppermint Patty. She is probably the meanest bully to poor Charlie Brown though. Perhaps her iconic bun ($4, Amazon) is tied too tight and it's making her grumpy? She does look smart, however, in her skater green dress ($40, LuLu's), and pony shoes ($30, Payless). I just wish she'd be nicer to poor Charlie Brown. If you want to try a kid look, you'll need a kid-sized green dress ($35, Etsy) and pony shoes ($20, Payless). Violet's outfit was seen a lot more often in the beginning stages of the comics, but then she becomes more of a background character later on. Maybe because she was so mean?



I loved Franklin's style because he wore bright and fun colors and patterns, such as bright shoes ($50, Amazon), striped pants ($7 - $20, Amazon), and a cool but subtle turtleneck ($28, Kohl's) to pull it all together. He loves baseball, and is usually seen playing baseball on Peppermint Patty's baseball team. He also loves hockey and football ($7, Amazon). But Franklin isn't a one-trick pony when it comes to hobbies. He's also thoughtful, intellectual, and is probably the most "normal" character out of all the Peanuts gang. It's always pretty easy to find colorful kid clothes like Franklin's pants ($20, Amazon) and shoes ($14 - $15, Amazon). Plus, who doesn't have an understated turtleneck ($7 to $19, Amazon) in their closet?



I never really understood why poor Pigpen was always so dirty, but you could see him coming from a mile away with his dust cloud following him everywhere he went. His overalls ($32 - $35, Walmart) and brown shirt ($3, Apparel N Bags) hid some of the dirt, and black sneakers ($50, Journey's) hid some mud. Your kid can get their overalls ($16, Target) and shirt ($8, Military Uniform Supply, Inc.) dirty this Halloween and still be in character. And this time, maybe it will be OK to jump in a few mud puddles to get their shoes ($14, Old Navy) dirty? Pigpen would have wanted it that way. Finish off the look with makeup powder or even coffee grounds dusted on your face, arms, legs and hands.



Snoopy is Charlie Brown's beagle and very best friend. He sleeps on top of his dog house instead of in it, and is the World War I Flying Ace fighting the Red Barron in his spare time when he's not Joe Cool. Snoopy's "outfit" doesn't change since it's his fur. But you can pull off Snoopy by sporting white pants ($20, Dickies), a white shirt ($30, JcPenny), and maybe even some Snoopy sneakers or white sneakers ($50, Journey's). Grab some fabric paint ($1, Michael's) and face paint ($16, Amazon) to get his iconic black dot and his black nose. This hat ($35, Etsy) is pretty fantastic if you ask me, but if that's way out of budget, grab some cheap headbands ($2, Target) and some felt ($7, Michael's) to make your own black floppy ears. If your kid is too old for a white onesie, a kid's white shirt ($8, Target) and white pants ($8, Target) will do the trick. You can even throw in a Snoopy doll ($12, Swap), red collar ($9, Lupine) or red dog bowl ($8, PetSmart) to wear on your head like he does sometimes, making it even more obvious that you're Snoopy.



According to Charles Schultz, "Woodstock knows that he is very small and inconsequential indeed. It’s a problem we all have. The universe boggles us . . . Woodstock is a lighthearted expression of that idea." Woodstock is also Snoopy's best friend and co-pilot when Snoopy uses his ears as a helicopter. If you can't find a yellow beanie with enough slack to act as Woodstock's crazy little hairs, this hat is pretty neat ($35, Etsy). A yellow shirt ($14 - $22, Amazon), pants ($35, Amazon), and shoes ($47, Amazon) will complete the ensemble. If your kid wants to be Woodstock, it may be easier to find yellow pants ($13 - $18, Amazon), shoes ($14 - $15, Amazon) and a shirt ($8 - $20, Amazon), since their clothing tends to be more colorful than adult clothing.

Relive your childhood (or relive it vicariously through your children) with these easy Charlie Brown costumes. Additional props can include a little sad Christmas tree, a big pumpkin, or even a baseball bat and gloves for everyone. Who knows, you may want to wear your outfits to Thanksgiving dinner, but hopefully it won't be as much of a disaster as Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving where he had to serve buttered bread and popcorn. Oh, Charlie Brown, good grief. "Out of all the Charlie Browns, you're the Charlie Browniest."