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12 Inflatable Pools From Amazon You Can Still Order To Save Summer

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It's the thick of summer right now, but it's also the thick of a global pandemic. So obviously, water parks, community pools, and other places where there are lots of people staying cool are out. Thankfully, there are inflatable pools from Amazon you can still order after the early days of quarantine had parents panicking to entertain their children in their backyard. While the big monster beast of an inflatable pool with the waterslide is sold out, there are still smaller versions available for you to have your own mini waterpark.

Of course, it's totally understandable for you to want to get an inflatable pool you can enjoy too, so there are pools included on this list that are just perfect for adults who want to get in on the fun. (Or sit in it alone during nap time with a good book.) Most of these inflatable kiddie pools can also double as a ball pit inside your home, which is lots of fun for toddlers and a great sensory activity for babies. (And you won't have to deal with those mosquitoes.) Bonus: if you attempt an outdoor movie night, these are also great lounging spots. So check these inflatable pools from Amazon so you can still have the best summer possible.

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Cool Stars Kids Swimming Pool

I know the Fourth of July is behind us, but this patriotic pool will still keep you and the fam cool this summer. It's extra large, so you can join in on the fun.


Elephant Baby Splash Pool

For those of us looking to keep our tiny kids entertained, safe, and cool this summer, this elephant baby pool with sprinkler is just the ticket. Though it might be a tight squeeze with you inside, too, it will still be fun to watch your babe explore and have the time of their life. I think this may also be a great product to use as a mini ball pit indoors for some sensory fun.


Garden Round Inflatable Pool

This just may be one of the better buys on Amazon right now as far as inflatable pools go. The manufacturers thickened the material to reduce the risk of rips, tears, punctures, and general kid wear-and-tear, per the description. The floor of the pool is also inflatable, which also helps prevent holes.


Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

Now this pool reminds me of pools from my youth, but probably much more durable. The sides won't fold in on this one like those old plastic sides from the '80s and '90s. Remember how much fun it was to make it look like a waterfall, but our parents didn't agree as we flooded the entire yard? Good times. And this one is 6.5 inches deep, which is perfect for little kids and parents who don't want to drown their grass.


Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

This one is great because not only can the kids cool off in the water, but they're kept cool with this built-in sun shade on this inflatable pool.


Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center

Since the bigger mini waterpark is sold out on Amazon right now, check out this mini waterpark, complete with slide, a "palm tree sprayer," and faux waterfall to play under. Per the description, there's a landing mat for extra cushion when your kids get to the bottom and you can adjust the waterfall pressure.


Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center

You and your kids will feel like the game Candy Land has arrived in your backyard. Like most of the pools listed, the description for this Wonka-esque pool says it works well as a ball pit, too. It even comes with six balls to roll down the sides.


Lounge Pool For Family

I know when I'm looking for an inflatable pool, I'm looking for one my husband and I can also enjoy, and this lounge pool is perfect for the entire family. It's deep enough for your adult body to be submerged, so be sure your kids who can't swim yet have on safety gear and are always under adult supervision.


Duck Pool With Shade & Sprinkler

Another option for tiny kids, this duck baby pool with sprinkler will block the sun from your babe while they enjoy splishing and splashing in the water and sprayer.


Lazy Snail Shade Baby Pool

The fun bright colors and whimsical snail will be super fun for your baby, and they'll be comfortably out of the sun while they splash around in this baby pool. Can also be converted into a ball pit for indoor sensory play.


Extra Large Watermelon Inflatable Pool

This extra-large watermelon inflatable pool is perfect for kids and adults alike. Once the kids are down for a nap, perhaps you can pop in there and enjoy a watermelon margarita.


Gator Inflatable Play Center

Kids 2 and up will love sliding down the slide onto the special landing mat that's included in the pool. Also included is a mushroom for some shade, a "fishing bucket," a baby duck, and a gator with a sprayer. This pool holds 42 gallons, so it's easy to stay cool.

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