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These 12 Memes Totally Get How Stressed Out Parents Are Right Now

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If you’re a parent to one of the 76 million students enrolled in U.S. schools, you’ve probably been experiencing a few stress dreams lately. As if parenting through a global pandemic weren’t hard enough, add in the fact that no one knows what school is going to look like for the 2020/21. Districts are debating a return to in-person classes while trying to flesh out backup distance learning plans, and so far no one no one is particularly happy with any of the proposed solutions. These 12 memes perfectly sum up the struggle for parents right now, so get ready to share — because everybody could use a reminder that they're not alone in this mess.

From wondering whether you should even bother with back-to-school shopping to worrying about how you'll balance working from home and homeschooling (again) if schools don't open, this summer has probably been a bit more anxiety-ridden than most for you and your family. Scrolling through a bunch of memes won't solve the problem of how to educate your children this year, but it might pacify your panic for just a minute before you go back to grinding your teeth and debating that trip to Costco for supplies.



A spaced out Jim Halpert overlaid on top of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Charlie Kelly in full conspiracy theorist mode? Yep, that pretty much sums up the mood this summer for every parent.


Let's talk specifics

You know what stresses parents out? Trying to figure out how this whole back to school business is going to operate. Like what if a bunch of teachers get sick and have to quarantine? How ya gonna solve that one, Scoobs?


We did our best

Raise your hand if you're worried your kid may have gotten dumber since school's closed? Huh. Just me? OK, fine. Maybe I would have taken Calc had I known there was going to be a pandemic 19 years after I graduated high school!


Soo... can we still back to school shopping?

I don't know about you, but back to school shopping was my favorite part of summer. If we're all doing virtual learning does that mean ransacking Target is off the table? Asking for a kid.


A whole new crop of third year seniors

Research reported by The New York Times shows that by the time September arrives, kids will be months behind where they normally would in their education. If that doesn't frighten you, surely this meme will.



Then again, the idea of having children at home for the rest of the year can be just as terrifying as sending them to the classroom. Someone get me my church fan, we're gonna need some divine intervention.


Sacrificial lambs

Are our children merely pegs in the wheels of the economy? Some are questions leaders' push to reopen schools as case numbers spike.


Where's the fire?

To paraphrase Clueless's Cher Horowitz, searching for logic in the school reopening guidelines is like trying to find meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.


All I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom

Or not. Zoom fatigue is real. Real for kids, real for parents, really really real. Just sayin'.


Practicing Safe Six

I can barely keep my five-year-old off me at home. But sure, let's see how he keeps his hands to himself in a classroom. This should go great.


Just say no to hugs

How are you going to look a toddler in the eye and tell them not to hug? How? HOW?


Hard no.

I think Beyonce's pointer finger says it all. We're going to need a real deal plan if 2020/21 school year is going to work.

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