These Hilarious & Helpful Gifts Will Give Hot Mess Moms Life This Holiday

Here's the thing about hot mess moms: If you don't know one, you are one. Because even though they've only recently become somewhat acceptable in mainstream society, hot mess moms are all around you (and always have been). Fact: If you have many fond memories of your mother driving you to school in her pajamas, you were probably raised by a hot mess mom, too. In which case you know that the chaos-bringing holidays can be an especially trying time for these already beleaguered ladies. So what are some holiday gifts for hot mess moms to help them through the hot messiest season of all?

In general, lots of the gifts you'd give to non-hot mess moms need not apply. A little personalized keepsake like an ornament with baby footprints? A hot mess mom would totally lose that before next Christmas. A fancy new appliance? If the point of said appliance is to make some sort of elaborate meal or dessert, then you're essentially adding to the mess in her kitchen. What hot mess moms need for the holidays are things that will make her life easier, not harder. And if you can't find a helpful gift, you should at least shoot for a humorous one. Because what hot mess moms need the most this year is a good laugh.


For The Messy-Headed Hot Mess Mom

Dry shampoo is to hot mess moms what Aqua Net was to '80s teens. This set is especially cool because you can choose from three different shampoos depending on the level of "cleanse" you need (can you remember the last time you took a shower or not?).


For The Hot Mess With The Wrinkled Dress

If a hot mess mom who regularly irons clothing exists, well, I've yet to meet her. At the same time, some outfits just aren't as cute when they're all wrinkly. This little steamer is amazing because you just have to wave it around your clothes and the wrinkles disappear — no driving yourself nuts trying not to leave those creases from the pointy part of the iron! (This can also be used as an iron, I should note, for those highly-skilled hot mess moms.)


For The Hot Mess Mom Who Never Remembers To Take Off Her Makeup

Hot mess moms too often collapse into bed with their hours-old foundation still on. Turn her skin care routine into a self care routine that's totally irresistible with this kit from Wander Beauty, which includes sparkly eye masks, a gorgeous fuchsia peel-off mask, an oil with a divine, nectarine-ish scent, and an intense hydration mask... she definitely won't want to skip washing her face at night.


For The Hot Mess Mom Who Always Forgets Her Brilliant Ideas

First of all, hot mess moms have a reputation for dropping their phones maybe a little more often than cooler, tidier types. Secondly... the message on this case describes her just a little bit too well.


For The Hot Mess Mom Who's In Constant Planning Mode

The endless planning and scheduling and coordinating that comes with raising kids is a big stress out for hot mess moms. Give her an excuse to stay in the present moment with a box of stuff that makes her feel like a goddess.


For The Hot Mess Mom With So Many To-Do Lists

Hot mess moms oftentimes really, really do want to be organized. To that end, they make lists... lots of lists, in lots of places. (Too many places to keep track of, is the thing.) The genius of this notebook set? The different covers make it easy to keep your lists (and notes, and whatever else) separate, but not too separate that they'll end up scattered to the winds. Plus, they're as inspiring as notebooks can be.


For The Hot Mess Mom Who's So. Tired. Every. Morning.

Her future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades. (Also, the sun is so bright. And the circles under her eyes are so dark.) A good pair of sunglasses can hide all manner of ills.


For The Hot Mess Mom Who Needs To Crash

Hot mess moms are almost always in need of a nap. This friendly-looking pillow is just crying out to be cuddled with, so hopefully she'll use it as an excuse to snag a little couch time.


For The Hot Mess Mom Who Does Her Makeup On The Way To Work

Disclaimer: Putting on mascara whilst driving is dangerous. But for the mom who does her makeup in the morning on the train (or, okay, at stoplights), this handy kit has everything she needs to go from "just woke up" to "woke up like this."


For The Hot Mess Mom Who Sleeps Through Her Shower

Know a hot mess mom who secretly aspires to be the next lifestyle influencer? This energizing body wash from Gwyneth Paltrow's own Goop line might just be the magic potion she needs to tap into her inner guru.


For The Hot Mess Mom Who's Straight Up Messy

As any hot mess mom can tell you, things like an overflowing laundry hamper or a sink full of day-old dishes can get a little stinky. Thankfully, this candle from Aveda will make the house smell like everything good about the holidays (no matter how many dirty socks are hiding in the corner).

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