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12 Cool Baby Name Suggestions For LC's Little One

Lauren Conrad's recent pregnancy announcement has fans everywhere squealing about what is sure to be the most well-accessorized baby of 2017. The first important, aesthetic choice for Conrad to make? Her baby's name. With a string of reality show frenemies, plenty of tried-and-true options are off the table. There will be no Kristin, no Heidi or Spencer, no Jason or Stephen, and definitely no Justin-Bobby. There are still plenty to choose from; Here are 12 names Lauren Conrad should name her baby — some that are informed by Conrad's past, some that might be influenced by her present interests, and others named after the people she's shown love for throughout.

Before we get into it, be warned: These names are, well, creative, as trendy baby names tend to be. There are a couple traditional ones thrown in for good measure, but, by and large, they're names fit for a celebrity baby-to-be. Sure, Conrad has a very popular name herself, as does her husband, William Tell, but celebrities love going for something totally unique, as far as baby monikers are concerned.

With an estimated due date happening some time in July, Conrad's got plenty of time to find the perfect baby name. Still, who doesn't want a little bit of help?


OK, this might seem like a cop-out, but "Laguna" is actually quite pretty for a baby! It harkens to Conrad's hometown and, well, the show that catapulted her to fame.


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Conrad's first book, L.A. Candy, features a protagonist named Jane. It's adorable and classic. Runner up from the series? Jane's BFF, Scarlett.


If we're going for family names, here, Conrad could name her baby after her father, Jim. If it's a girl? Kathy, after Conrad's mom.


Remember Anna Wintour's ultimate burn? Telling Conrad that she'll forever be "the girl who didn't go to Paris?" Well, assuming Conrad's willing to put all of that trauma behind her, Paris is a great choice.


Contributors to Conrad's blog gave their favorite baby names for 2017. Hazel topped the list, followed by the oh-so-nautical River and Sailor.


In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Conrad shared a sweet story about her close friend, Jill, saying:

I knew a boy I liked was going to be out at this bar. When I came home, she was already asleep. She got out of bed, put on her makeup and heels, and went out with me. That's a best friend.

What better way is there to honor a best friend aside from naming a baby after her?!


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Paper Crown, Conrad's fashion label, features clothes named after cities in its latest line. Among them? Lisbon! It's unique, worldly, and totally LC.


Designing a Disney-inspired clothing line, Conrad's a total fan. Seeing as Cinderella's a little, well, too Disney, how does Mickey sound?


If Conrad wants to stay ahead of the curve, she might go with one of the trendiest baby names for 2017: Atlas. Other top options include Thor and Orion — really powerful choices that brim with strength.


The Celebrate author loves keeping things festive for the holidays. What's more festive than Holly? Perhaps "Rudy," short for Rudolph? Santa seems like a stretch.


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In a Halloween-inspired blog post, Conrad's David Bowie costume idea really stands out. Honoring the music legend with a cool, last-name-as-first-name deal seems like a good fit.


Bear with me here, but look through Conrad's Instagram and you'll notice that all of her photos have a peach-tinted hue to them. An obsession with the shade seems as good a reason as any! Besides, "sepia" would be sort of a weird thing to name your kid.

Whatever LC decides, it's pretty much guaranteed to be creatively sweet and 100 percent fitting. Now if only deciding on a middle name were as easy.