baby in onesie with a cat photobombing the photo
Photo Courtesy of Abi Berwager Schreier

These 12 Purr-fect Pics Of Cats & Babies Are What National Cat Day Is All About

What better way to celebrate one of the sassiest holidays of the year than by showcasing 12 pictures of cats and babies for National Cat Day on October 29? Yes, we already celebrated International Cat Day back in August, but cats are so amazing (and demanding) that they require two holidays. One for international cat lovers, and one just for the U.S., of course, since we all know cats live by their own timetable, obviously.

As for these photos, it looks like the cat owners are doing everything right by being close by when having their fur baby meet their tiny human baby, or just when their cats are interacting with their human baby. Most cats want to lie with their tiny humans, whether they just want to be around love and be snuggled, or, like most creatures, are merely curious of something that's moving, wiggling, giggling, and making noise, says Los Angeles-based certified dog and cat behaviorist and trainer Russell Hartstein in a Romper article. "As with all animals, for the safety of both species, it is never recommended to leave them alone together. Always have a parent supervise interactions of a child and a cat," Hartstein said.

So in celebration of National Cat Day, check out these adorable photos of cats and babies, and don't forget to post your own picture of your sweet cat and their (I mean your) tiny human, too. Just be sure to always supervise.


My Big Human & My Tiny Human

This cat wants Dad to know they're still a baby, too. That or they're just as enamored with the new tiny human as mom and dad are. To be honest, it could be both.


Guard Cat

This cat looks like they're guarding their tiny human with their life, daring anyone to come and take the baby away. The baby looks pretty stoked about it, too.


Cat Activity Table

Now this is a very patient (and adorably large) cat. What a sweet lug. I bet he lets the tiny human snuggle him on a regular basis, too.



Oh my god this is too precious for words. And the matching hands/paws? I can't. I bet this cat and their tiny human will always and furever be BFFs.


The Comforter

Sweet fur baby protecting and comforting both mom and the new tiny human. A cat's work is never done, you see. Now time for more cuddling for everyone.


Kitty Kisses

Either that baby's breath smells delicious, or that cat is going in for a smooch. This baby is about to have a new BFF either way, that's for sure.



This introduction looks pretty standard for a cat. The cat looks quite stoic and is like, "Hi, hello. Are you new here? This is my house." I'm sure they'll be the best of buddies sometime soon.


Makin' Biscuits

This sweet cat looks like he is in mid-biscuit-making mode. Clearly, the baby doesn't seem to mind, in fact, the baby seems to find it quite comforting. He is apparently the cat's tiny human after all, and nobody else's.


Best Photo Ever

Nothing gets much better in a photo than cute baby feet, a sweet sleeping cat, and some rays of sunshine, no?


Domesticated Lion

First of all, this is the biggest domesticated cat I have ever seen. Also, I think this cat will make the perfect companion/guard cat of this tiny human for years to come. Also, can your cat come visit me at my house in Atlanta for a week?



Nananananananananana Batman, or should I say Catman? This sweet kitty is completely enamored with their tiny human.


Three Musketeers

Looks like a good day for lounging around. These cats don't have a care in the world, and the baby definitely looks like they're ready to play with their new friends.