These 12 Sheet Pan Breakfast Meals Will Save Your Sanity On Busy Mornings

Mornings can be such a struggle. Between toddlers whining for milk, older kids needing last minute homework help before school, and trying to start a life-saving pot of coffee, the amount of time left over for making a nutritious breakfast is miniscule. Luckily, making a sheet pan breakfast meal can save you precious time in the mornings when life is throwing absolutely everything at you and you couldn't find a matching pair of shoes for the baby if your life depended on it.

If you're not familiar with this time-saving breakfast hack, allow me to introduce you to your new morning meal go-to. Sheet pan breakfasts can help reduce the time it takes to make a well-rounded meal that everyone can appreciate on a rushed morning. Basically, you pile breakfast staples ranging from bacon and eggs to sausage and veggies on a sheet pan, and bake an entire breakfast all at once right in your oven. You can also get a little fancy with it by introducing a pastry element to your sheet pan breakfast meal.

Not only is cooking your whole breakfast on one sheet pan time-saving, but having only one pan to clean means that whoever is on dish duty (probably you, right?) will have less mess to deal with than a traditional stove-top cooked breakfast that usually requires a separate pan for each component. Sheet pan breakfast meals are a delicious win-win for the whole family on busy mornings.


Traditional Sheet Pan Breakfast

A traditional breakfast takes multiple pans and a watchful eye on the stovetop, but thanks to this sheet pan breakfast recipe from Damn Delicious, you only have to dirty up one dish. Your trusty sheet pan can turn out scrumptious oven-roasted potatoes and fried eggs like nobody's business.


Caramel Apple Sheet Pan Pancakes

This delectable recipe for caramel apple sheet pan pancakes from Averie Cooks uses store-bought pancake mix baked right in your sheet pan and topped with canned apple pie filling for an easy breakfast treat. Your kids will be thanking you endlessly for making such a decadent breakfast, and you'll be thanking yourself for saving so much time.


Sheet Pan Breakfast Fajitas

If your family enjoys a good fajita dinner, they're going to go absolutely nuts over Damn Delicious' recipe for sheet pan breakfast fajitas. All of your favorite fajita spices combined with bell peppers, eggs, and avocado create an unforgettable breakfast meal.


Egg, Cheddar, & Green Harissa Puff Pastry Squares

These puff pastry breakfast squares by A Beautiful Plate look gorgeously fancy, yet they are not as complex as they appear. Pre-made puff pastry are filled with eggs, shredded cheese, and flavorful Moroccan peppers to create a delicious all-in-one breakfast meal right on your sheet pan in just half an hour.


Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake

Making a full breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, and cheesy hash browns without messing up more than one dish sounds impossible, but thanks to this sheet pan breakfast bake recipe by Damn Delicious, it is definitely not. Every element of this breakfast bake cooks right on your sheet pan for an easy . breakfast meal that your whole family can enjoy.


Sausage Cheddar Biscuits

Brown Eyed Baker knows the worth of stuffing as much cheesy goodness into a breakfast meal as possible, and does so with gusto when it comes to this sheet pan breakfast meal. The simple ingredients in these sausage cheddar biscuits cook all together right on a sheet pan to make your morning as simple and delicious as possible.


Sheet Pan Steak, Eggs, & Potatoes

Steak and eggs is a breakfast favorite that can turn anyone's crazy hectic morning into a blissful culinary dream. This sheet pan steak and eggs breakfast from Damn Delicious uses thin-sliced top sirloin steak to create a breakfast that is both filling and tasty.


Healthy Breakfast Cookies

Although this recipe from Princess Pinky Girl could technically pass for a sweet treat, the inclusion of quick-cook oats and bananas make these healthy breakfast cookies basically a bowl of oatmeal that you can eat with your hands. The best part — they cook up right on a sheet pan in just 15 minutes.


Sheet Pan Brussels Sprouts, Eggs, & Bacon

Brussels sprouts for breakfast may sound a bit out-of-the-box, but I promise that the combination of flavorful bacon with roasted Brussels sprouts and eggs is a true morning time treat. This recipe for sheet pan Brussels sprouts, eggs, and bacon by Damn Delicious will really hit the spot.


Sheet Pan Pancakes

I've made these myself and I have to say that my family always goes absolutely crazy for them — especially on busy weekday mornings. The ease of making this sheet pan pancake recipe with berries right in the batter from Dinner Then Dessert will help you win mom of the year this year for sure.


Sheet Pan Egg-In-A-Hole

You may have made egg-in-a-hole on your stovetop before, but the ease of making an entire sheet pan full of this delicious breakfast staple right in your oven absolutely cannot be beat. Courtesy of Damn Delicious, this particular sheet pan breakfast recipe calls for the addition of thyme and parmesan to take your dish to the next level.


Sheet Pan Eggs

This easy-to-make sheet pan breakfast from Sweet Peas And Saffron is packed full of protein and nutrients to start your family's day off on the right foot. Chopped vegetables like mushrooms and bell peppers combine with eggs and cheese right in your sheet pan for a delightfully delicious and nutritious dish.