12 Signs You're A *Total* French Bulldog Mom

Stocky, snout-nosed, bat-eared, and just plain lovable: That's the French Bulldog in a nutshell. And if you're a proud Frenchie mom, or just know someone who is, you understand why people are so passionate about them. In the last few years alone, the breed's popularity has skyrocketed both here and abroad; this year, they're ranked at #4 in the American Kennel Club (AKC) listings, reported U.S. News (behind only Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers), and they're currently number one in the U.K., per Daily Mail.

How did this dog win over so many hearts so quickly? Well, duh — just look at that face! That signature half-smiling, half-puzzled expression is enough to brighten anyone's day, and the oversized ears just add to the comical appearance. What's more, the Frenchie (as we fans call it) is just as sweet and easygoing as it looks. According to the AKC, this dog is a "charmer" that fits in well with any size family, and can live equally happily in a small apartment or a sprawling house with a yard. As compared to some other breeds, they're relatively low-maintenance, too. They need just minimal grooming, and a couple of brisk daily walks or an outdoor play session will satisfy its exercise needs.

If you're a proud Frenchie mom, chances are that everyone knows it. Even if you don't bring up the topic when you first meet someone, the signs are still there. Here are just a few of the ways you display your French Bulldog love to the world.

You Chose Your Pet's Name Carefully

A Frenchie is too sweet to be called Killer, not hairy enough for Fluffy, and too adorable and comical for a serious name like Duke or Xavier. No, you probably looked through the baby-name books and websites for a name that captures this dog's friendly, open personality: Lulu, Bella, Reese, Max, George, Ollie. If you did choose a more dignified moniker, like Vincent or Anastasia, it was because you liked the irony of matching a regal name with an anything-but-serious face.

You Make Friends Everywhere

Every walk around the neighborhood, trip to the park, or visit to Starbucks is a new adventure. People take one look at your adorable pup and return its ear-to-ear grin. Children ask to pet it. Fellow dog owners bring their pets over for a tail-wagging introduction. You're used to it; you even enjoy it. Hey, you knew what you were getting into when you brought home your furry friend-magnet.

You Can't Fall Asleep Unless You Hear Snoring

Your fur baby's squinchy facial structure affects its breathing, which leads to a lot of snorting and snuffling at bedtime and naptime. Your friends sometimes wonder how you stand it, but to you, it's pure music.

You Take Your Fur Baby Everywhere

Frenchies prefer to be with their humans as much as possible, and let's face it, you prefer to be with your Frenchie, too. Fortunately, this small dog is easily toted in your arms or in a carrier, so it's likely that you bring your pup along for companionship even on a quick errand.

You Take It Easy In Hot Weather

You know that your sweet fur baby doesn't tolerate heat well: It's that flat nose again, which interferes with a dog's ability to keep cool. When the mercury zooms up, you and your Frenchie will either be in the AC-cooled living room chilling on the couch, or else sitting in a shady spot in the backyard with a cool drink.

You Don't Mind Farts

You're having a few friends over when, without warning, everyone starts wrinkling their noses and fanning the air. Yep, it's your darling pup setting off one of its signature stink bombs. Part of the price you pay for all that adorableness is a delicate digestive system that makes Frenchies prone to excessive gas. This breed also tends to gulp air when it eats, which doesn't help the problem. But you've learned to take it in your stride; hey, your kids don't always smell like roses, right? You've also learned to keep lots of air freshener on hand.

You Have a New Respect For Lady Gaga

You might not have paid much attention to Lady G before, but then you discovered that she has a French Bulldog named Gustave, and you're now a devoted "Little Monster." Plus, you can rattle off a list of other Frenchie-owning celebs, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and Hilary Duff.

You Hang Up a Christmas Stocking for Your Frenchie

A Frenchie isn't just a pet; it's a beloved family member. So when the holidays roll around, there's an extra personalized stocking hanging above the mantel. Come Christmas Day, it'll be filled with dog treats and squeaky toys. You've also taken your fur baby to see Santa, and of course you took a picture.

You've Dressed Up Your Dog At Least Once

Come ON. That pudgy body... that cute expression... Frenchies practically demand to be put into a costume on Halloween, or wear a green bandana on St. Patrick's Day. They're so mellow and eager to please that they gladly endure our silliness. If you're a French Bulldog mom, you've done it. If you haven't, it's definitely crossed your mind more than once.

You Own Frenchie Merch

Mouse Pad, $12, Etsy

You have at least one T-shirt, coffee mug, car magnet, tote bag, or framed poster with a saying like "Frenchie Mama," "All You Need Is Love and a Frenchie," or "I Like Big Ears and I Cannot Lie." If you're truly hardcore, you have a tat of your fur baby on your shoulder.

You've Learned Yoga From Your Dog

For such a sturdy little guy, the Frenchie can be pretty flexible. You've discovered early on that your sweetie sometimes goes into a series of stretches that totally look like yoga poses. It may have inspired you to try some moves of your own. Talk about downward dog!

You're Thinking of Getting Another

Since your Frenchie has made your life so much better, you're starting to think that two might make it even more blissful. There's more love to go around, and because this breed thrives on company, they can play together when you're at work. If you already have two, you might even be considering a third, because why not?