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12 Super Bowl Memes For The Non-Football Fans

Not a Super Bowl fan? What do you meme? Even if you aren't affiliated with a team, or even know the rules of the game, there are a number of Super Bowl memes that non-football fans can appreciate.

Memes help to highlight the best and even the worst moments of the event every year. You can thank Super Bowl 49 for the Left Shark meme and Super Bowl 50 for Eli Manning's sad face meme, two memes the internet never knew it needed. So while you maybe feel forced to plop down onto the couch with family and friends to watch the game, at least you can enjoy yourself with funny memes (and tasty food).

The best memes are those that you can relate to, and sports fans and non-sports fans alike will bust their gut laughing at them. Trust me, I didn't even know what teams were lined up to compete in the 2017 Super Bowl or the date of the big game before diving into the treasure trove of memes, and I laughed at them.

Take a look at these Super Bowl memes from current and previous years that everyone, yes even you, can appreciate. Also, don't forget to make sure your Wi-Fi's connected on Feb. 5.


Hold Off Another Win For The Patriots

Do the Patriots really need to win more than four Super Bowls?


Super Bowl Or Hunger Games?

Nothing says American football quite like a red sequined pantsuit and blue nails.


For Those That Aren't Fans of The Super Bowl

Are you bitter that you have to spend your Sunday inside? Well, this one is going to hit close to home.


The Ones Who Get The Last Laugh

Your family's favorite team may win, but advertisers are the ones who truly get the most out of Super Bowl Sunday.


The Iconic Eli Manning Meme

Even if your team loses, it'll hurt less than this Pixar scene.


For The Ones Who Love A Good Pun

Super Bowl Sunday? No, Superb Owl Sunday.


When Your Favorite Team Isn't Playing

That moment when your team isn't qualified for the Super Bowl for the fifth year in a row.


The Newest Flavor of Lay's

Nothing says Super Bowl Sunday like crunchy snacks and salty tears.


When You Don't Want Bae To Leave

Are you not ready for less attention during the Sunday game? This meme is for you.


When You're Trying To Fit In

Don't you love a Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay mash-up?


When You're Blessed With Two Halftime Shows

At least he got out of that situation before Valentine's Day.


Left Shark Forever

Do we really need to say anything more?