12 Tandem Breastfeeding Photos That Showcase Moms Who Really Are Doing It All

Breastfeeding is a full time job, and the labor involved only increases when you tandem nurse. All of the struggles (and maternal rewards) of breastfeeding double when you're nursing two or more children, and it can sometimes feel like you're not fulfilling all of your children's needs. But these photos of moms tandem breastfeeding her children show just how worthwhile the practice can be.

Many mothers choose to continue breastfeeding their first child after a second comes, as a new addition doesn't automatically mean it's time for the eldest to stop. Sure, tandem breastfeeding comes with some unique challenges, but so does nursing one child. Those difficulties don't have to mean you don't do it, and there are techniques that can make the process of nursing multiple children of different ages easier. Your choices about nursing should come down to doing what's right for you and your children.

Breastfeeding is natural. It can be a powerful experience for mom and baby, and tandem nursing can add to the bond, as it brings your kids together from the start. These photos underscore the beauty of breastfeeding more than one child, emphasizing the power and joy moms in particular can find in the experience.

1. Just The Three Of Us

This mom makes tandem look natural, as she and her children appear totally at ease. Mom sits in a tub, with her baby resting on her chest and her toddler kneeling next to her. Both children have latched, and they seem nonplussed by the photographer capturing the moment. Mom's gaze is on the two, and her arms wrap around them both. Captured by Khristina Saint.

2. Eyes On You

Kirstie of Wander and Solas Photography captured a moment of intimacy between a mother and her child in this photo. Mom sits with her two kids on her lap, and her blouse is pulled down as they nurse. The child in her right arm is in the center of the frame, and he looks up at his mother. He's totally focused on mom.

3. The Whole Gang

Mom Amandine shared this photo of herself and her three children on her Instagram page, and she looks simply blissful as she breastfeeds. Her infant is latched on her left, while her toddler nurses, sitting to her right. Her eldest leans on her shoulder on the other side of the baby, grinning. It's a peek into their lives.

4. Multitasking

Everyone's getting what they need in this photo by Melissa Jean. Mom is on a couch, with her baby on her lap and her shirt pushed up. Her toddler sits next to her, and both kids nurse with their backs towards the camera. Mom sips her beverage from a mug while the kids nurse. It's pure bliss.

5. Close Up

The close angle sets this photo by Mums On Film apart. Mom, a toddler, and a baby take up the whole shot, with the older child on the left of the frame. Mom has pushed down her bra, allowing the children to nurse. The older child rests their hand on their sibling, and mom looks down at them both.

6. Picnic Lunch

Mom glows as she tandem nurses her children in this shot. Taken by Mandy Beth Photography, mom sits on a blanket in a wooded area, holding her baby in one arm and playing with her toddler's hair in the other. Both kids breastfeed, mimicking one another with a hand placed on mom's chest. Mom gazes at them serenely, and the black and white filter just adds to the beauty.

7. We Got This

Stephanie BC Photography captured this photo of a mom looking regal as she nurses her two kids. She sits in a chair with her infant in one arm and her toddler resting on her lap. The toddler is latched while the infant rests happily. Mom looks down at her eldest, focused on her kids.

8. Three's A Crowd

Belle Verdiglione Photography gives the viewer a glimpse into this family's life, giving you an idea of what nursing time is like for them. Mom reclines on a bed. Two of her children rest on her lap, while a third leans their head on her right shoulder. Her baby and her toddler nurse, and her older child looks up at the camera. Mom cups their face, smiling over at them.

9. Cozied Up

Here's another sweet shot of a mom nourishing her children, courtesy of Vanessa of Sweetness Photography. Mom sits on a bed with her kids in her lap, with the camera positioned at the foot of the bed, creating some distance so it seems as though the family members are the only ones in the room. Her dress is unbuttoned to allow the children to nurse, and she looks down at them as they do. There's quiet in the intimacy.

10. Easy And Breezy

These three soak up their love for one another in this photo by Marie of Marie Lafranque Photography. Mom lies in a bathtub filled with milky water and flowers, with her toddler and her baby on top of her. The children nurse and hold hands, while mom sweetly rests her head on the toddler's. Mom and her eldest have their eyes closed serenely, while baby looks up at mom. The connection between them is palpable.

11. Selfie Time

Austin Birth Photo's Kayla Grey snapped this selfie of her breastfeeding both of her children a few weeks after her second child was born. She holds the youngest to her chest, and the elder child leans against her to nurse, resting a hand on mom's chest. You can see mom's soft smile at the top of the frame.

12. Everybody Eats

Mom and author Kaitlin Solimine is multitasking like a champ in this photo by Lynn Bagley. Kaitlin lies on a bed with her newborn on her chest, while her toddler lies next to them on her other side. Both children nurse, while mom rests a hand on her eldest and smooths their hair back. Someone holds up a forkful of food for Kaitlin to eat, helping her stay strong.