What Every Nursing Mom Really Wants For V-Day

Aside from the heart-shaped celebrations I'd plan for elementary school children, I was never much for Valentine's Day (until I got married). I wasn't against it, per se, it just bored me. Even now, most of the traditional Valentine’s gifts — flowers, cards, all that — aren't really my thing, especially once I had a little baby and little patience for more stuff cluttering my house. As a constantly hungry breastfeeding mom, though, I can support the chocolate, and all the other things every breastfeeding mom really wants for Valentine's Day.

Because making milk and chasing a toddler all day is hungry, exhausting work, the most romantic things anyone can get me revolve around stuff I can eat, stuff to wear that makes me comfortable, more stuff I can eat, and opportunities to rest. As for February 14th, in our house we now observe Valenswine's Day, to express our love for each other through our shared love of tasty pork. (There's also some sweets and treats of other kinds, too, because of course. And a nap, please and thanks.)

For all the other breastfeeding mamas out there, the following list may not be stereotypically romantic, but it's a much more honest jumping off point for any V-Day gift-giving.

A Nursing Bra That’s Comfy And Attractive

Getchu a bra that can do both, amirite?

A Gorgeous Red Dress We Can Easily Pop A Boob Out Of

Access is everything when you're breastfeeding, even when you're dressing for a holiday.

Heart-Shaped Lactation Cookies

Some folks swear by them, but personally, I'm not entirely convinced that lactation cookies or other so-called milk boosters actually do anything. But who doesn't like an excuse to eat cookies? Especially cookies with a theme?


Chocolate is always a winner. Plus if you have as many as 600 extra calories to spare, why not spend a few on the most glorious candy ever made?

A Giant, Romantic Dinner

Emphasis on giant. Breastfeeding is super hungry work. Eating a giant, red and pink themed tasty meal is a total win.

A Red Water Bottle

Lactating moms need to stay hydrated. What's better than staying hydrated and staying on theme?

A Massage

Breastfeeding moms can get really sore, between the extra weight in our chests and the funky positions we may find ourselves nursing in. Giving her neck, back, and shoulders a rub (or better yet, paying a professional to do the work for you) is one of the greatest things anyone could do for a nursing mom on V Day or any day.

A Nap

Nothing says ‘"I love you" like leaving a tired nursing mom alone so she can sleep.

Even More Food

The lobster diavolo in this collection of Valentine’s Day recipes looks amazing. (If you're reading this, Husband, I'm sure we could add bacon to it.)

A Lovely Red Dessert

Food, food, and more food! Bring on the berry tarts, red velvet cakes, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Heart-Shaped Gel Packs

I swear by those hot/cold packs that are made to fit in your nursing bra. So clutch in the early days when baby is still learning to latch, and later on when they're older and their latch gets kinda lazy. If nobody makes those in heart shapes, they should.

A Super Special Glass Of Red Wine

If the clock is ticking until the next time you have to nurse, that usually means you only have time for one adult drink. For Valentine's Day, make it count by making sure it's the best glass of wine you can find and afford.