baby boy sleeping in a crib

12 Things That Feel As Good As Your Baby Napping — On Schedule

Some milestones are more of a win for the parents, and this definitely applies to nap schedules. In fact, there are few things that feel as good as your baby napping on a schedule at long last. It's one of those parenting moments that just feels like a major victory, and one that you'll remember forever.

Of course, not every baby reacts to nap schedules the same way. For some parents, it can feel like your baby's naps are inconsistent, no matter what you do. This is not unusual, particularly for newborns. In general, though, babies can take naps regularly around five months of age. And when you finally get into the groove and establish a daily nap schedule for your baby, it's such a relief. Your days can start to have something resembling a regular routine again, and maybe you even get a little more regular sleep. It starts to feel like you and your baby are getting in sync.

To keep these good vibes flowing, here are some other little wins that (almost) rock as much as your baby getting into a regular sleeping routine. It's these everyday victories that help you keep powering through the tougher parts of parenting, so savor them all.


Sleeping On Fresh Sheets


There's nothing quite like tucking in for the night on just-washed sheets. No matter the thread count or material, clean sheets are best. It's like a guarantee that you're about to do some serious sleeping.


Drinking A Perfect Coffee

Maybe it's a signature latte from your favorite coffee shop, or maybe it's the same brew you make yourself every morning. Whatever the case, there's something magical about those first sips of your beloved coffee. It revs you up to take on the day.


Getting A Random Compliment

An unexpected compliment can turn your day around like nothing else, whether it comes from a loved one or a total stranger. It's just nice to hear when something is going right, even if it's simply the fact that you're wearing cute shoes.


Arriving Ahead Of Schedule

For people who are often running late, showing up ahead of time can feel like a cool victory. You get to sit in the dentist office or wherever and play on your phone for a few minutes instead of fretting about traffic. Huzzah.


Finding Money In Your Coat Pocket

For whatever reason, finding that $5 bill in your coat or jeans feels like winning the jackpot. You can't help but do a happy dance. It's like getting free money.


Laughing Out Loud Unexpectedly


Maybe your friend texted a hysterical meme, or the baby made an adorably weird face. Whatever the case, there are few things better than LOL-ing in real life.


Wearing Awesome Socks

If you're serious about that #cozylife, then you probably hold some serious opinions about socks. Maybe you go for the warmest socks ever, or you're more about rocking luxury socks. Whatever the case, the right pair of socks can just make your entire day a little better.


Taking Off Your Bra At The End Of The Day

Sure, it's practically a cliche. And there are plenty of bras that are actually comfortable available now. Some days, though, ripping that dang thing off and breathing a sigh of relief is simply perfection.


Hearing Your Favorite Song Unexpectedly

Of course you can play your favorite jam anytime on a streaming service. But there's something special about hearing your favorite song out of the blue in the grocery store or coffee shop or some other random place. It's like your own personal anthem.


Getting Complimented On Your Baby Or Parenting

Sure, you know your baby is the cutest one on earth. But it's nice when other people take notice of your baby's general awesomeness, as well as your efforts at the whole parenting business. There are some compliments that parents just need to hear from time to time, and these kind words can brighten your whole day.


Your Favorite Show Getting Renewed

It's tough to get super involved with a show, only to have it get cancelled prematurely. (It's OK, I'm still not over the original My So-Called Life, either). But when you hear that another season of You or Carnival Row is in the works, it's beyond thrilling.


The First Time Your Baby Sleeps Through The Night


If you thought scheduled napping was a win, just wait for this one. The first time you're awakened by an alarm (or your own body clock) instead of a crying baby is pure magic. Here's to hoping you and your little one keep enjoying these mini victories for years to come.