Whether You Want To Go Retro Or Antique, These Vintage Nursery Ideas Will Inspire You

Who doesn't love some good nursery inspo? With all things retro and vintage being oh-so-in right now, it's easy to find some old-fashioned inspiration. There's just something extra adorable about a nursery that looks like it's traveled back in time. If you're an old soul looking for some serious nursery ideas, or if you're just curious about this new vintage nursery trend, there are some seriously perfect vintage nursery ideas to get your nesting instincts fired up.

Vintage design can be so fun, and the options are endless. Whether you want to emulate a certain era or you're looking for more of a blend of multiple generations, there's so many ways to incorporate a vintage feel into your nursery. You can keep it simple and clean, or you can make it bright with eclectic detail. Some of these styles are truly old school with wooden toys and lace, while others are more contemporary vintage — think '70s and '80s babies. But whatever style you're looking for, there's plenty of super adorable ideas on this list. Incorporating vintage design is also a fun way to share some of your childhood favorites with your new baby. There's enough to accommodate every mom's design style, so don't forget to check out these accounts on Instagram for more vintage inspiration.


Vintage Wall Decor

I love a beautiful vintage mirror! How pretty is this against the wall paper and wicker baskets from this online children's boutique store Sweet Little Dreams?


The Little Mermaid Goes Mid-Century

How about a retro twist on The Little Mermaid? Love this under-the-sea nursery theme with a vintage touch. For more mid-century and vintage inspiration, check out Hepcats Haven on Instagram.


Chrome Cribs

How adorable is this setup (and babe, of course)? I love the rose gold crib and mustard yellow velvet accent pillow. It's so chic and vintage. For all things boho-baby, check out the rest of their nursery inspiration.


Crochet Blankets

Remember those crochet blankets your grandma made in the '80s? They were so soft! How about a colorful blanket like this one from Robins and Rainbows on Instagram to add a retro feel to your crib decor? Bonus points if someone who loves you and your babe can make you one.


Wicker Toys

Nothing says vintage more than beautiful simplicity. Check out this wicker rocking horse by Beth Coller of Lackluster Co. Filling a room with these accessories gives you a great excuse to go thrifting.


Vintage Accents

I love this simple design by mom of five at The Stead Fast Home. Check out those vintage accents. Total heart-eyes. The picture frames, wicker basket, and the lamp all bring a clean, vintage feel to this sweet nursery. For more home design inspiration, check Brittney out on the 'gram.


Wicker Bassinets

Part of what gives vintage design a classic look is the use of simple materials. Bassinets already have that old-fashioned feel, but a wicker bassinet is just timeless. For more handmade products like this, check out My Little Love on Instagram.


Incorporate Your Childhood Favorites

How about some retro cuddlies from your own generation? Does this not bring you back to your own childhood bed or what? Vintage doesn't have to be all tea-stained lace and rocking horses. Sometimes it's rainbows and My Little Ponies.


Retro Artwork Collage

Why not incorporate some retro artwork by creating a wall collage? This design is classic retro, and I just love this mom's bright, vintage style. For more retro style inspo, check out Laura on Instagram. It's like stepping into Reading Rainbow.


Vintage Furniture

I love this vintage rocking chair with the velvet upholstery. Little Dish and Spoon sell eco-friendly products, so be sure to check out their website for more vintage, eco-friendly (and beautiful) inspiration.


Cross-Stitch Art

This account was a gem of a find because they feature all kinds of hand-me-down pieces like this adorable vintage cross-stitch teddy bear. If you're looking to add some vintage flair to your nursery, definitely check out Twice Loved Treasures on Instagram. You'll be so glad you did.


The All-Natural Look

The wicker and wood make this vintage design look natural and clean. Perfect if you're a mom who's looking to bring in less plastic into the house. For more natural design inspiration, check out artist and mom Natalie Jade Wright on Instagram. So calming.

There's so much vintage stuff to love out there and with so many creative ways to incorporate an old-fashioned, retro look, the options are endless. Whether you're looking to bring back some of your childhood favorites or natural simplicity is more your design style, there's something to accommodate every mom's style.