12 Ways Breastfeeding Should Make You More Attractive To Your Partner

As a new mother who chose, and was successful, at breastfeeding, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know how tiring breastfeeding would be; I didn't know how much I would hate breastfeeding; I didn't know how determined I would be to continue breastfeeding anyway; I definitely didn't know that breastfeeding would make me more attractive to my partner. Honestly, I was actually a little afraid that choosing to use my breasts for functionality, rather than an expression of my sexuality, would change how my partner looked at me. What if I was no longer attractive, because I had a tiny human constantly attached to my boobs, eating at all hours of the day and driving me semi-insane because I hadn't slept in forever?

Turns out, and to my surprise, breastfeeding made me more attractive to my partner. He was able to see me at my rawest; my most vulnerable; my most empowered; my most natural. Watching me sustain our son simply by being alive myself, gave him another opportunity to appreciate my body for all the miraculous, powerful and amazing things it can do. It was wonderful to have him not only look at me and be attracted to me because of how I looked, but to have my partner look at me and be attracted to me because of what I was capable of doing.

So, with that in mind, here are a few ways breastfeeding should make you more attractive to your partner. Regardless of what your breastfeeding journey ends up looking like (short, extended, filled with complications or relatively painless) the fact that you chose and were able to breastfeed the kid you carried and birthed, should only add to the many reasons why your partner finds nothing short of stunning.

Your Body Is Doing Something Amazing...

Unfortunately, our society tends to care more about a body's appearance, than it's actual abilities, especially if that body is a woman's. When you breastfeed, though, it becomes just as obvious as when you were pregnant or going through labor and delivery, that your body can do some pretty amazing things. My partner found my body's abilities to be extremely attractive, and was in awe of my breastfeeding capabilities (even when breastfeeding proved to be difficult). Society should really follow suite, and start paying attention to what a woman's body can do, and less on how a woman's body looks.

...And A Body Doing Something Amazing Is, You Know, Hot

I mean, seriously, how attractive is an incredible body doing something incredible? Especially when that incredible body doing an incredible thing is an incredible as breastfeeding. It's all just, you know, incredible.

You're Providing For Your Kid With Just Your Body...

Have you ever really stopped to think about breastfeeding and what it actually means? I mean, if you choose to and you're able to breastfeed, you sustain a human life simply by being alive. You being present, keeps another body thriving. That's freakin' unbelievable.

...And Doing Something So Naturally Maternal Is Beautiful

I always hesitate to use the world "natural" when it comes to breastfeeding, because while it is a natural act in the sense that breasts exist for that function, should a woman choose to use them for such a purpose, breastfeeding is also difficult. For many women, breastfeeding doesn't feel "natural," but even if it is difficult, seeing a woman do something as maternal as feeding her child with her body, can be amazingly attractive. I mean, I can look at pictures of women breastfeeding and just be in awe of the natural beauty of such a crazy-cool act.

You're Sacrificing For Your Kid...

Make no mistake about it, even if breastfeeding is super easy for you and you didn't experience any difficulties or complications, it is a sacrifice. You are using your body to feed someone else; you're missing out on an extended period of sleep for a very long time; you're, sometimes, changing what you can and cannot eat and drink so that your milk is safe for your baby; you're attaching yourself to the horror that is breast pump. It's a difficult, time-consuming and exhausting act.

...And Seeing Someone Care That Much About Someone Else Is Attractive

Which is why, your partner should look at you sacrificing so much for your baby and just be enamored with you. Seeing someone sacrifice as much as a breastfeeding mother (hell, any mother) sacrifices for her kid, should be an admirable and attractive trait. I will always remember the moment my partner looked at an exhausted, definitely-haven't-showered-in-a-few-days me, telling me that I had never been more beautiful than I was in that moment, because even though I was so very tired, I was doing what I needed to do for our son.

If You Breastfeed Without A Cover, Not Giving AF Is Hot...

If you don't care about breastfeeding in public sans cover, that flippant attitude towards the stigma breastfeeding (sadly) has acquired, and your dismissive stance towards the judgements of others, is just attractive as hell. I mean, there's nothing like standing up for your right as a breastfeeding mother, and telling all the haters to go kick rocks in flip-flops.

...And If You Prefer A Cover, Doing What Makes You Feel Comfortable Is Hot

At the same time, if you feel more comfortable breastfeeding in public with a cover, deciding to do what is best for you (and not making yourself a martyr) is also attractive. Any time a person has the courage to put themselves first, they're hot. Like, so hot.

If You Experienced Breastfeeding Complications And Powered Through, Your Determination Is Attractive...

If you've experienced one of the many (or multiple) breastfeeding complications that can arise, and worked to make it through them and extend your breastfeeding journey for as long as possible (or as long as you wanted), your determination is admirable and attractive. I mean, I don't know about you, but watching someone work as hard as they can towards a goal, has always been a attractive quality.

...And If You Chose To Wean Because Of Those Difficulties, Choosing What's Best For You Is Hot

Of course, if those complications end with your decision to no longer continue breastfeeding, you deciding what is best for you and your family is just as hot. When there is so much pressure on mothers to do something the "right way," or whatever way someone else has haphazardly suggested is the "right way," choosing to dismiss those (usually unsolicited) suggestions and do what is best for you, is just the most attractive.

Honestly, Making Your Own Decisions About Breastfeeding Is Hot

I mean, I'm sure you have sensed a pattern by now. Honestly, when a woman feels empowered to make her own decisions about her own body, she's at her most attractive.

Plus, Breasts Can Be Both Functional And Sexual, Simultaneously

It's somewhat (read: a lot) sad that something so simple needs to be regurgitated, but breasts can be both functional and sexual. I mean, they are. Like, they can literally be used for multiple reasons, depending on the choices of the person who owns said breasts. There's no reason to desexualize a woman's breasts in order to appreciate their ability to provide sustenance for a child, and there's no reason to sexualize breastfeeding just because breast are also used for sexual pleasure. Like, the two purposes for that specific body part can peacefully co-exist.