12 Women Who Take Matching Kid & Mom Outfits To A New, Stylish Level

A lot of things change when you become a mom, but your sense of style doesn’t have to. Everyone loves to joke that moms are always in yoga pants and a T-shirt. But like Elle Woods said, when you look good, you feel good. Maybe exhaustion can’t be cured with a perfect pair of mustard yellow skinny jeans, but coffee just seems to taste better when you’re not covered in spit-up stains. And styling your little one? That’s even more fun thanks to a huge trend in curating a matching kid and mom style.

Matching with your little one doesn’t have to mean you wear a onesie covered in bunnies or anything that says “Princess.” Mixing patterns, matching accessories, and finding your favorite fashion staples (like a pair of Converse) in mini size can make collaborating with your kiddo fresh and modern. And don’t think you have to spend a fortune either. (After all, there’s going to be a lot of peanut butter on these clothes at some point.) By finding pieces you love that are also practical, you can make both of your closets grow without breaking the bank. Kids can be style icons with their “try anything” mantra, but if you’re not ready to don an Elsa dress over a pair of Hello Kitty leggings, take some matching fashion advice from these 12 incredible fashion-forward mothers and their babes.


Lauren Rebecca of Lauren Rebecca

As a mama to two little ones, Lauren Rebecca chronicles her life, including fashion, on her self-named website. She makes the matching style look easy by picking basic staples that are both practical for the mom life and super on-trend.


Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things

By keeping her kids’ clothing age-appropriate, but still in the same pattern and color scheme as her own outfit, writer Kelle Hampton makes matching her daughters look fun and fabulous.


Carly Anderson of Lipgloss and Crayons

Lipglos and Crayons creator Carly Anderson matches with her daughter often, but it almost looks like happenstance. Instead of an identical replica, she chooses similar cuts in clothing and patterns that aren’t always in the same color family. 


Jacqueline Sutantio-Lihiang of Grand Hope Events

Jacqueline documents her mommy-daughter fashion on Instagram and it’s a serious treasure trove. Whether they’re both dressing in the floral family or wearing the same lacy textures, their looks are just darling to follow.


Ema Iftiu Dishnica of Elle Sera Belle

Mother to a little girl and lifestyle blogger Ema Iftiu Disnica has a timeless, traditional style and insists that her fashion choices won’t break the bank. Take some inspiration from her and remember that you don’t have to pick off-the-wall expensive pieces to create some style.


Sandy Chang of Sandy a la Mode

Sandy documents her fashion fun on Sandy a la Mode, and it will motivate you to find your creativity when it comes to style. By picking matching accessories, her mommy and baby style means both have a unique look with a cohesive flair.


Kate Brennan of Dress Your Guests

Kate Brennan shows off her impeccable style through Dress Your Guests and it's accompanying Instagram feed and it is a real treat. She’s not scared to mix color and with a bright, vivacious little one in your life, take a page out of her book and break out of your comfort zones.


Lynzy Coughlin of Sparkling Footsteps

Lynzy of Sparking Footsteps finds sweet staples to match with her little girl, including perfect striped skirts. Her looks are sweet, but can also withstand a quick run to the playground or a night out.


Andrea McAnally of Momfessionals

Andrea of Momfessionals is all about dressing in style without giving up practicality. Few things beat a matching pair of Converse, especially when the second pair is on teeny, tiny feet.


Natashia McLean of Canary Jane

Documenting her creativity at Canary Jane, Natasha picks classic pieces to match with her little one without sacrificing pizzazz. Try recreating some of her styles by picking out a fun shoe and bright, classic patterns.


Christy Chan of Sunny With a Side Of

Who says a matching with your child is limited to clothes? With gorgeous matching headbands, lovely Christy from Sunny with a Side Of makes every outfit look exquisite and special.


Megan Davies of Chasing Davies

Megan of Chasing Davies plays the matching game with ease as she finds fun, statement pieces to center her and her babe’s outfits around. It doesn’t take an exact pattern or style downsized to make a match work.

Images: Courtesy of lipglossandcrayons, itslaurenrebecca, caraloren, etst, lipglossandcrayons, jacquelinesutantio,elleserabelle, sandyalamode, dressyourguests,sparklingfootsteps, andrea2220, canary_jane, sunnywithasideof,chasingdavies/Instagram