13 ‘90s Costumes For Kids This Halloween — They Might Not Get The Reference, But You Will

There are so many different routes you can go when coming up with a killer Halloween costume. You can wear a funny costume that will sure get a laugh or a classic scary one, but one type of outfit that always seems to be a big hit, no matter what, is the nostalgic costume. Rocking a '90s Halloween costume is not only fun, and sometimes smart, but it always makes people feel more connected, as all cry out in unison, "OMG, I remember that."

The '90s was the birth of Walkmans, the internet, and don't forget the Y2K apocalypse, so why not dress your child as an iconic trend from the '90s? I mean yes, they weren't even alive during these golden times. But this decade was one of the best decades ever and there are so many popular trends to choose from. I'm sure whatever you decide, your child's costume will be a huge hit and might even make your kid wish they were born in the '90s. Well, that is until they find out that there were no iPhones back then.

Here are some of my favorite trends from the '90s to help you pick the perfect Halloween costume for your little one.


Power Ranger


Power Rangers Pajama Set, $22, Amazon

Although I'm pretty sure the Power Rangers still exist today, they are nothing like the original. This old school Power Rangers pajama set will transform your child into an original mighty morphin super hero.


Dumb and Dumber


Orange Suit, $40, Amazon | Blue Suit, $40, Amazon

There's no denying that Henry and Lloyd were two of the funniest duos around. You can purchase this all orange suit for one, and their best bud can wear the one in all blue.


Ms. Frizzle


Ms.Frizzle Toddler Costume, $34, eBay | School Bus, $14, Amazon

Everyone will go crazy for this Ms. Frizzle toddler costume based on the popular Magic School bus show. Complete the look with a small school bus and a pet lizard. This outfit is so cute it will definitely be a hit.


Spice Girls



Pink Lace Dress, $15, Macy's | White Knee-High Socks, $5, Target | Leopard Top, $44, Bloomingdales | Leopard Skirt, $65, TheRealReal | Track Pants, $21, Amazon | Track Jacket, $45, Jet | British Flag Dress, $25, Candy Apple Costumes

So tell me what you want, what you really really want? I want a killer group Halloween costume that everyone will love. Well, the Spice Girls is it — who didn't love this British all-girl group? Anyone who dresses like the Spice Girls will surely be a hit. It's also not that hard to recreate their look. All you need for Baby Spice is a pink dress and white knee-high socks. For Posh Spice, they can wear a simple black dress and wear their hair sleek and parted down the middle. For Scary Spice's look, leopard is vital. You will need a leopard top, and leopard skirt. Sporty Spice requires some track pants, and a track jacket. Finally, Ginger Spice, who may be the hardest to pull off, will need a British flag dress.


Steve Urkle



Suspenders, $16, Kohls | Jeans, $12, Oshkosh | Striped Shirt, $17, Gap | Oxfords, $50, Stride Rite | Hipster Glasses, $10, Popmap

Did I do that? You probably don't even need to go shopping to dress your little one like Urkle — just some basic pieces you probably already own. Like these suspenders, some cute jeans, a striped shirt, and Oxfords. You will probably need to purchase some hipster glasses to complete this look.


Legends Of The Hidden Temple


T-shirt, $10, Amazon | Full Costume, $50, Amazon

This is a fun '90s throwback which your kid will be sure to love. You can buy just the shirt, or you can purchase the full costume.


7.Lisa Frank



Unicorn Leggings, $42, RageOn | Unicorn Crop Top, $37, RageOn |

Everyone loved Lisa Frank school supplies and they made going to school fun. Not that long ago, Lisa Frank teamed up with RageOn! to create a whimsical clothing line that got everyone excited. So this Halloween get these unicorn leggings and unicorn crop top to transform your little one into a real-life Lisa Frank sticker.




Rugrats Costume, $15, Target

Rugrats was one of the hottest cartoons of the '90s. This would not only make a great group costume but an excellent single one too. There are so many characters to choose from like Chuckie.


Wayne's World



Wayne's World Hat, $26, Amazon | Black T-Shirt, $6, Old Navy | Ripped Jeans, $22, Gap | Blue Flannel, $4, Target | Band T-Shirt, $23, Hot Topic | Light Blue Jeans, $12, Oshkosh | Thick-Framed Glasses, $3, Newchic |

Wayne's World is not only a great Halloween costume but it's super easy to put together. All you need is a Wayne's World hat, a classic black t-shirt, and some ripped jeans to recreate Wayne's look. For Garth, you will need a blue Flannel, a basic band t-shirt, light blue jeans, and black thick-framed glasses.


Quailman from Doug



Red Cape, $8, Seasons Trading | Brown Belt, $20, Children Salon | White Briefs, $12, Hanes | Green Vest, $25, Rue La La | Tan Shorts, $45, TheRealReal

Another '90s throwback is Quailman (Doug Funnie's alter ego) from the popular Doug cartoon. You will need a red cape, a brown belt, and white briefs. Don't forget a green vest, some tan shorts, and finally, a white undershirt to complete this superhero look.





White Knee-High Socks, $10, Uniqlo | Plaid Skirt, $45, TheRealReal | Mary Jane Shoes, $17, Amazon | White Undershirt, $10, Amazon

This iconic '90s film is still one of the best films ever made and everyone will go crazy when they see your little one dressed as Cher. All you need are some white knee-high socks, a yellow crop sweater, this super cute yellow plaid skirt, some Mary Jane shoes, and white undershirt.




Furby Costume, $18, Spirit Halloween

Want something a little scary? We all remember how annoying and terrifying these toys were, right? Why not transform your little one into a furry Furby? It will be sure to give everyone nightmares.





White Sweater, $12, Old Navy | Old Cordless Phone, $10, Amazon | Blonde Wig, $21, MayKool

If you are looking for a creative costume no one would see coming, Drew Barrymore from Scream would be the perfect character to recreate. All you need are three simple things: a white sweater, an old cordless phone, and a blonde wig.

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