13 '90s Nickelodeon-Themed Baby Names For Parents Who Want To Remember The Good Days


I'm a huge proponent of finding inspiration all around you. Excuse the inner hippie in me, but I think there is beauty to be found in everything — even in the cheesy '90s shows you used to watch as a child. Call me crazy, but if you're on the hunt for baby names, looking to your childhood is a great place to start. '90s Nickelodon-themed baby names aren't the most unusual ideas if you're a parent on the hunt for the perfect name. And if the '90s inspire you, then by all means, go for it.

While many people look to their family trees, favorite books, or even celebrities for name inspiration, they tend to forget the insane amount of potential housed in one of the most memorable parts of their childhood — the TV shows you rushed home from school to watch.

Whether you were a fan of The Rugrats or you were into the more "sophisticated" humor of The Amanda Show, there is no shortage of baby name inspiration to be had. I mean, every character had a name, right? And besides, no one needs to know that you secretly named your child after a cartoon character anyway. I certainly won't tell.

1. Tommy

Tommy Pickles from Rugrats was the most well-behaved baby of the gang and, as far as cartoon babies go, was pretty awesome. Tommy is the diminutive of Thomas which means "twin."

2. Clarissa

Clarissa Darling was played by Melissa Joan Hart in the short lived but awesome series Clarissa Explains It All. Clarissa is actually a gorgeous name that means "bright or clear."

3. Kenan

Kenan and Kel centered around the mischievious acts of two teenage boys. Kenan is a variation of the Irish word for "ancient" and is a unique choice for either a girl or boy.

4. Eliza

Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys was as odd as she was kind. Her name is beautiful too and it means "pledged to God."

5. Amanda

Though the show didn't air until 1999, The Amanda Show starring Amanda Bynes was one of every '90s kid's favorites. Amanda, fittingly, means "much loved."

6. Maisy


Though this one was on Nick Jr. the name is just too cute to pass up. Maisy means "pearl," and is a popular name in the UK.

7. Charlie

Since Chuckie isn't really anyone's favorite name, opt for the classier, full version. Charlie means "free man" and is a great gender-neutral option.

8. Angelica

Another one from The Rugrats, Angelica was the spoiled cousin who got to do all of the "big kid" stuff. Her name, ironically, means "angel."

9. Arnold

Though his name isn't on the top of the charts, Arnold from Hey Arnold has a meaning that's hard to pass up. It means "ruler or strong as an eagle," and would make a great, unexpected choice for a baby boy.

10. Doug

Doug aired in 1991 and was about a sixth grade boy trying to navigate the waters of love and school, all while writing about it in his diary. Doug is a variation of Douglas and means "black water."

11. Phoebe


Phoebe Heyerdahl was the smartest girl in the fourth grade class from Hey Arnold. Phoebe means "radiant or shining one," and is a beautiful, lesser known choice.

12. Ren

Though I would never suggest telling anyone that you drew inspiration from Ren And Stimpy, the name Ren (spelled Wren for an even better effect) is actually really great. When spelled with a "w" its the name of a bird and would make a great gender-neutral option.

13. Nigel

Again, no one will probably take you seriously if you say Nigel Thornberry is your child's namesake, but the name actually has a long history in England and means "dark or black haired. "